Reasons for downsizing and moving into an apartment can vary from person to person; maybe your kids are all moved out, maybe you want less maintenance, or maybe you just need a change of pace! When it comes to moving into an apartment, there are a few important tips to know before you make your move.

1. Space.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: you will have much less space for you and your stuff. Apartments are loved for many reasons, but the abundance of living and storage space is not one of them. This means that you may have to rethink the furniture that you already own; that giant recliner that has been well-loved throughout the years might not fit well in your new, compact space. Additionally, all those old pots and pans and mismatched Tupperware will not have space in your new place. This is a good opportunity to clean house and get a fresh start!

2. Outdoors.

If you come from a house with a backyard or a front yard, the lack of yard space will be something that you need to get used to. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, you’ll still get that yard-like feel without the maintenance work! If you love doing lawn work, you may want to reconsider apartment living, but if you find it to be a chore, this is a major plus!

3. Amenities.

The best part about living in an apartment is the lack of maintenance required and all the amenities. Since you often need a key to get into your apartment building, up the elevator, into the parking garage, and everything else, it makes security carefree and something you never have to think about. Also, while living in such close quarters with the people around you, you become familiar with their faces and know when someone is lurking around. Finally, the best part: amenities. Most people want a pool, but don’t want to keep up with the maintenance, or want a beautiful lawn, but not work on it themselves, or want to go to the gym, but not pay a monthly fee. With apartment living, you get the pool, the gym, and beautiful landscaping without lifting a finger—it’s all included!

Moving to an apartment in Tucson

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