Moving to a new home is stressful, as any new homeowner could tell you. Whether it is your tenth move or your first move, there are some general tips that can make or break a move. With these four tips, we hope to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Prepare Ahead

One tip to reduce the stress of moving is to plan. Time is not always on your side, and it has a nasty habit of creeping up on people. It is advisable to plan a move a few months ahead of time to reduce stress, and to add another month if you are hiring local or long-distance movers.

When you have an ample amount of time to prepare for a move it allows more breathing room, which can make you more prepared if something were to go awry.

Organize and Arrange

Being organized can make a stressful move stress-free! This tip ranges from organizing your schedule, making a priority checklist, planning a packing system, or arranging rooms. Most movers would agree that it is best to start these processes early on when planning a move.

When you have a clear and precise guideline (as mentioned above) it becomes that much easier to know exactly what to expect during a move.


This next tip can be performed simultaneously while organizing. While organizing, it is a good idea to declutter before the move. This tip will act as another stress reliever because ridding yourself of unnecessary clutter will make it that much easier when it comes time to pack for the move.

It makes sense that having less to pack would make the move that less stressful. By donating, throwing away, or placing items in storage, you will create more room and less stress.

Reach Out for a Helping Hand

This is one of the more difficult tips because it makes an individual feel vulnerable, but there is no shame in asking for help! Everyone, at some point in their lives, will experience a move and will know what you are going through.

Often friends and family will be willing spare a few hours to assist (especially if there is a pizza party promised afterward). If you are moving away from friends, it will also give you an opportunity to spend even more time with them.

If your friends and family are not available, you can call your trusted moving professionals to ensure a stress-free experience. EZ Move professionals know exactly what it takes to get the job done, give them a call at (520) 808-0347.

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