4 Items That are Harder to Move than You Think

So you’re moving, and you think you’re as prepared as you can be – you’ve got all of your boxes labeled, you’ve changed your address ahead of time, you’ve dotted every I, and crossed every t. While you may think you have checked everything off your list, have you given the same high level of consideration to those hard-to-move treasures? Do you even know which items are the hardest to move?

The good news is, we’re professionals in the “things-that-are-hard-to-move” category, so we know what’s what, and can tell when certain prized possessions are going to need extra attention. Here are four items that are harder to move than you think:

1. Artwork

While you might think it’s as easy as stacking up your favorite paintings, covering them in bubble wrap and sticking them in a box – you’d be surprised to find out that shipping artwork cross-country, even cross-county, is a delicate process. When you’re packing away photographs or even framed art from your four-year-old, you have to remember that it is not just about how well you cover the item. Protecting art also counts on the products you use as a damage barrier and where the items are packed in the truck in relation to your other possessions. Items shifting during a move is almost inevitable, but professional movers, like our staff at EZ Move, are well-equipped to keep your paintings out of harm’s way.


Oh, pianos! They look great in your living room, but they are a hassle to move – even if they are on wheels. When you think pianos, you should automatically think “professional.” We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t believe it to be true, but pianos are the #1 hardest item to move. If you factor in the number of fragile parts, not to mention the size and unique shape of the object, you already have a whole laundry list areas that need to be protected.

House Plants

Houseplants are tricky because you’re dealing with a living organism. You have to think of changes in temperature, sunlight, and humidity, among other factors. If you are planning to move house plants, you’ll need to move them into plastic pots, which are lighter and easier to lift than ceramic ones, a few weeks before your move so they can properly acclimate. You’ll also want to keep your vehicle at the same temperature as your house if possible, so your plants have as few changes in their environment as possible.

Fish Tanks

Like houseplants, fish tanks are harder because you’re dealing with living creators. Because the tank is heavy and bulky, most people choose to remove fish from their tank as the tank is moved – this is wise as fish usually cannot survive moving in the tank. You’ll want to rely on small containers or bags when moving fish – shipping them overnight if possible and leave the problem of protecting the tank up to the professionals.

Have hard-to-move items? Call in the professionals!

EZ Move is here to tackle your toughest moving tasks – from hauling out your great grandmother’s grand piano to protecting precious paintings. Give us a call at (520) 808-0347 to schedule your move.

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