‘Tis the season to be jolly!

You’re moving during the holidays — a thrilling time to embark on a new journey before the new year. As exciting as moving is, making moving mistakes is a common affliction that plagues people who are trying to relocate. During the holiday season, it is especially important to carefully plan how you will follow through with the moving process. EZ Move has the essential tips and hints if you plan on moving during the holiday season.

Unpredictable Weather

If you are moving to a state with snowy winters, anticipate harsh weather conditions. Though you may be dreaming of a white Christmas, snow can create delays that will keep you from getting work done. Icy roads and uncontrollable snow can create major challenges for you during your move.

Make sure you are prepared in case that this happens by making sure that you have the proper supplies to handle any unforeseen weather conditions. Be sure to have your electricity and heating units already turned on and working in the place you are relocating to—the last thing you need deal with is a home with no warmth or furniture!


Holiday cheer is in the air—you want to buy every warm vanilla scented candle, or gifts for all of your friends and family. This time of the year tends to be the toughest when it comes to saving money.

Prior to your moving process, structure a budget for your moving day necessities. When doing so, it’s always better to lowball your estimate so you don’t come up short. Additionally, make a list of all the people you want or need to buy gifts for and make a strict budget for how much money you can spend on each person.

Expenses for moving trucks, boxes, and other associated bills tend to add up, let alone the costs of holiday gifts! Expect to pay more for moving services during a holiday weekend, compared to a non-holiday weekend.

There are many ways to be cost efficient so that you can make the most of your holidays with friends and family. Consider reaching out to your neighborhood stores for old boxes and pack as much as you can on your own, in addition to saving space by donating anything that you can bear to part with.

Sales, Sales, Sales!

As you plan to relocate, you will surely need items necessary for everyday use, along with decorations. As the holiday seasons approach quickly, be on the lookout for sales on all of your must-have items! From furniture to candles to electronics, retail locations always provide some sort of clearance on items that you will love. Be sure to assess your budget to see what items you can treat yourself to.

’Tis the Season… to Travel

Moving during the holidays can tend to be stressful because there is a huge increase in the traffic of people. Whether you plan on driving or flying to your new location, people are always traveling in some way throughout the months of November to January. If you decide to take a road trip, expect heavy traffic, and be sure to be cautious on the roads.

When moving during the holiday season, be expected to see higher prices for airfare and hotels. If you are planning to relocate by flying, you will want to buy your tickets before prices surge for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the days following tend to be recognized on the top 10 worst travel days. Expect higher ticket prices, long lines for customs and baggage claim, and potential flight delays. If you can be flexible with your dates, the cheapest time to fly in this range is usually the first week of December – it’s when people are usually already home from their Thanksgiving trip but aren’t leaving for Christmas yet.

Safety First

Unfortunately, there tends to be an increase in robberies during the holiday season. With people buying loads of gifts and discounted items from holiday sales, thieves find ways to break into homes and cars to get their hands on anything they can get. If you plan to deliver packages to your new home, try to keep it as discreet as possible.

As you pack your car or boxes, keep any valuable items in a safe place and out of plain sight. You may want to consider calling home security to install a keypad control system in your new home to avoid the chance of this happening.

If you’re moving to a nearby house and planning on driving and dropping things off before move-in day, get in touch with one of your new neighbors and ask them if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on the house since it will be unoccupied.

Let EZ Move Help You Relocate!

Moving during the holidays should be a joyous celebration! Whether local or long distance, EZ Move can help make your move as convenient as possible. We strive to provide you with the best deals to ensure you have the best moving experience. Contact our local Tucson moving company here or call us at 520-808-0347.

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