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    Most people associate spring break with fun, sun, and recreation – and it definitely is! But, spring is also the perfect time to clean your clutter. Whether you accumulated too much stuff over the holidays or you just forgot to clean the tops of the fans, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Read this guide to help you get started.

    Get Inspired

    Simplification seems to have entered our popular culture, and spring cleaning is the perfect time to simplify one’s life. Getting rid of extra stuff that you don’t need anymore will make your living space a whole lot more comfortable. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, who call themselves the Minimalists, have books, podcasts, and even a documentary about living a lifestyle of only keeping the possessions that one truly loves.

    Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing reached #1 on The New York Time’s Bestseller List. It describes her KonMari method of organization to bring joy to your home and life. It’s had such an impact that Netflix recently gave Marie Kondo her own series. That’s pretty impressive for a book about cleaning!

    Create a Checklist

    Creating a spring cleaning checklist will help you organize your thoughts before you begin. The best way to create the list is to go into each room individually, look around, and write down what needs to be done. Not only will you be able to ensure that you haven’t missed anything, but it will also be satisfying to cross those items off your list. Put “create a spring cleaning checklist” on top of your list, and you’ll already have one thing done! Or, you can use a prepared list like this one from Molly Maid.

    Baking Soda Cleans Everything

    You might already be using baking soda to keep your fridge and laundry area fresh, but did you know that baking soda is an amazing, natural cleaner? Baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean stainless steel sinks, remove stains from your carpet, and clean just about any surface. Just be careful when mixing baking soda and vinegar – remember those old science fair volcanos?

    Clean Overlooked Spaces

    Although we think of carpet and tile as the places that accumulate the most dirt, spring is a good time to remind yourself to clean some of those overlooked spaces. Walls, baseboards, and door frames are all places that we tend to overlook during regular cleanings. Get out your ladder or step-stool and clean those hard to reach places.

    Delegate Tasks

    If you have roommates or live with family, get them involved! You can assign tasks by room or by category. For example, one person can be responsible for vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping while another person can do the dusting and windows. However, don’t split tasks that go together. You don’t want someone to be waiting around to mop because nobody has swept yet!

    Hire a Professional

    If you really need help simplifying your life, consider hiring a professional organizer. A professional organizer can help you make decisions on what items to keep in your home, implements a storage system, and how those spaces should be used and maintain. Their services can range anywhere from $30-$300 an hour, but if you’re at a stalemate organizing, hiring one might be a lifesaver.

    If you don’t feel like cleaning, you might also consider a professional cleaner. The great thing about hiring a professional cleaner is they act like a fresh set of eyes. Because we’re used to living in the environment, we often overlook those little spots that need to be cleaned like baseboards or under the couches. A professional cleaner is trained to work quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. While your wallet might take a hit for their services, your sanity might thank you for the time and stress you save not cleaning!

    Get Moving In Spring

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