Moving can be stressful and can get expensive between hiring movers, any new home fees, or equipment like boxes and moving truck rentals.

The dollar store has cheap ordinary items that can be hacked and used for many different purposes, especially to help during a move.

Here are some cheap items that you can purchase that help you during your move.

Bubble Wrap and Padded Envelopes

Bubble wrap is always an essential when it comes to moving. You need it to wrap any fragile items to protect them from the journey they are about to take. Getting bubble wrap from the dollar store can be cheaper to purchase than from an office supplies store or department store.

Padded envelopes can allow smaller items to be protected. Small picture frames or small glass items can easily be placed in the envelope and packed into a box neatly.

Ziploc Bags

Buying Ziploc bags are incredibly useful for keeping together small items that can be easily lost. You can keep small parts from furniture or electronics together in one small bag. Placing important paperwork in Ziploc bags keeps them from getting wet or ripped.

There are multiple sizes to choose from. Getting a variety can help keep your belongings organized.
Besides, they are only a dollar!

Cleaning Supplies

The dollar store also offers cleaning supplies. Both your old and new home will need some elbow grease after all the commotion of moving furniture, boxes and other belongings.

What better way to double up on cleaning supplies like glass cleaner, dust wands, rags, and wipes than to get the off-brand from a dollar store.

Paper plates, napkins, and silverware

Paper plates and other disposable eating utensils can be bought as well. They can be used before or after you are moved into your new home. All your glassware is going to be packaged into boxes and difficult to find. Easily disposable utensils can also make for easy cleanup.

Also, here’s a tip: Grab some Styrofoam plates! You can place them between your glass plates to protect them from bouncing around in the box.


Some dollar stores offer a selection of hardware. It can be easier just to purchase new starter tools instead of trying to pack and move it all.

Light bulbs, tape, tape measure, glue, and other useful tools are going to be needed for your move. It is always handy to have these things on hand rather than trying to dig through boxes to find them.

Make Your Move Easy

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