Moving is a lot of work.

From packing, hiring movers, and figuring out what to do with all of your things, it’s easy to get lost in the middle of everything. The team at EZ Move is here to help! We’ve made a list of sixteen moving apps that are guaranteed to make life easier before, during, and after the big move!


Unpakt helps you book, manage, and pay for all of the moving services you’ll need. There’s no need to search for each company’s rates individually – just enter your moving details into the app to see prices in multiple cities across 37 states.

Unpakt is available for iOS.


Hire a tasker to deep-clean your home, complete repairs, and disassemble large furniture pieces with the help of TaskRabbit. All taskers are background checked, screened, and interviewed so you have the best and safest experience getting your tasks done.

TaskRabbit is available for iOS and Google Play.


Forget measuring and drawing, MagicPlan lets you create floor plans with your smartphone or tablet. These floor plans allow you to view your space in 3D, decide where to put your couch, and plan DIY projects. You can also calculate expenses with this app if you need to complete work on your new home.

MagicPlan is available for iOS and Google Play.


Can’t get enough of to-do lists? Then seek no further: Wunderlist is the answer. You can create lists, set deadlines, and even assign tasks to friends and family that are helping you move.

Click here to see a complete list of all of the devices Wunderlist is available on.


Updater is a smart and safe way to reserve a moving company, connect TV and internet, update accounts, forward mail, transfer utilities… you get the idea. The app does almost everything.

Check out their site here.


Handy is a service that takes care of all of the more difficult aspects of moving. From cleaning to TV mounting, Handy will make sure that your new place becomes your new home in no time at all.

The Handy app is available for iOS and Google Play.


Forget Craigslist – there are dozens of ways to sell your used stuff these days and Letgo is one of the best. Letgo’s focus is on local buying and selling – the app uses your location to show you items for sale in your geographic region. Buyers and sellers can chat with each other without leaving the app, meaning that you don’t have to go around giving out your phone number or email address.

Letgo is available for iOS and Google Play.


Sortly helps you organize your stuff so you can find it later once you’ve unpacked. The app lets you catalog everything by taking a picture and storing it in the app. You can make a label for each box so you can scan them later and know what’s inside.

Sortly is available for iOS and Google Play.

Apps can only do so much – EZ Move can do the rest!

Here at EZ Move, we are ready to help make your move easy and stress-free. Give us a call at (520) 808-0347 or visit our website to learn more.

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