Once the expert movers leave your newly furnished home, what is the next step? This is a question that we are frequently asked once our movers finish their job. There are a few things that can be, should be, and need to be done in the time after your movers leave. Mentioned below are a few steps and precautions that need to be taken once finished with a move.

Get the Utilities Up and Running

This step depends on the new location as many Homeowner Associations, renters, or landlords are prone to supplying various utilities. The utilities range from electricity, gas, water, trash pickup, cable, and the internet.

To ensure that they are setup correctly you will need to make a phone call to your respective provider. During this phone call valuable account information and directions will be given to you.

Make Certain Appliances are Connected

An easy and often regrettable step missed in moving is making sure that certain appliances are all properly connected. This can range from small devices, a toaster or a blender, to large scale appliances like a washing machine and dryer or a refrigerator and freezer.

Testing these appliances is a breeze and also in
credibly necessary for the heavy appliances in your new home. For a washing machine and dryer, it is best to test by doing a load of test laundry- like cleaning towels. When preparing the refrigerator or freezer it will need to defrosted, cleaned, and dried.

Let the World Know!

Updating your address is a key part of finalizing your move. It is letting the world around you know that you’ve made a serious change in your life. After your movers leave, it is vital to update your banks, post office, and credit card companies know that you have changed addresses.

Howdy Neighbors!

The final step in setting up your new home is introducing you to the neighborhood! Throw a housewarming and get to know your surroundings. This is not only a fantastic way to network, but it also gives insight on so much more. You can find out where the best place to grab a bite to eat is, a place to take spin classes, and what cafe has the perfect cup of coffee.

At this hypothetical party, attendees may even discuss the best moving service; of which they can all agree that EZ Move provides the best service at fantastic prices. That of course, will just be another piece of information that you and your guests will have in common.

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