Are you thinking of moving to the desert? Some of your relatives might question your sanity. Arizona is a beautiful and wonderful state, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Here are some things you should know about life in Arizona before moving here.

1. It’s Hot

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: it’s hot. Temperatures often hit triple digits in the summer. It’s a dry heat, sure, but dry heat doesn’t mean much when you’re practically melting.

Seriously, people drive around with oven mitts on.

2. Stock up on Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t a suggestion; it’s a necessity. Throw out your wimpy SPF 15. That stuff just won’t get the job done. Go with SPF 50 or bust. Make it a part of your morning routine and don’t forget to apply behind your ears. Remember to thank us later.

Grab a hat while you’re at it. A good hat will be your best friend.

3. Keep Hydrated

While the heat isn’t always bad, don’t underestimate it. You’re still in the desert, so make sure to always have water on hand. The desert heat can sap your strength much faster than a more moderate area.

Carry water with you and never leave home without a water bottle. Keep some in your trunk if you can swing it.

4. Head for Cover

Did I mention the heat? Make sure to stay in the shade whenever possible.

When it comes to parking spots, shade takes priority over distance. These spots are at a premium, and most people are more than happy to walk across a parking lot if it means parking in the shade. So keep your eyes peeled. If you live here long enough, you’ll develop a good eye for spotting prime shade.

5. Say Goodbye to Daylight Savings

Spring forward no more. Arizona has done away with that nonsense, and most of the residents are more than fine with it. While the rest of the country is busy losing an hour to an outdated tradition, we get to stay in bed. Spend one year in Arizona, and you’ll wonder how you ever put up with the practice in the first place.

You’ll never deal with losing an hour of shut-eye again.

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