Summer time is a common time for families to move house. It makes sense; kids are often out of school, the skies are clear, and the home buying season is at peak. Those perks aside, moving during the summer can be a daunting process, thanks to the sweltering heat. To give you a head start with your summer move, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips below.

1. Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

Benjamin Franklin put it best: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Planning ahead is a virtue and, when preparing for a summer move, you’ll want to plan everything as far ahead as possible. Summer is one of the busiest times for movers. It’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving combined. You’ll want to plan as far ahead as possible. Scheduling up to two months ahead of time isn’t too early. In fact, it’s ideal, as waiting could mean that you can’t move on your preferred date.

2. Schedule Your Move Wisely

The best possible time for a summer move is in the middle of the month. If at all possible, schedule your move for a weekday and avoid Memorial Day weekend at all costs. It’s typically the busiest moving day of the year. Any perceived benefits from moving this weekend aren’t likely to be worth the stress and hassle.

3. Take Care with What You Pack

While you should normally be careful with what you pack, you need to take extra care during the summer months. The sun can be unforgiving with your possessions. Blu-rays can warp, and book pages can dry out. Some plastics are prone to melting in the heat.

If the weather is particularly hot on moving day, consider what can go without air conditioning and what can’t before leaving things in the back of the moving truck. Make sure to take care of these items first.

4. Make a Plan for Your Pets

Pet owners see their furry companions as part of the family, and might not consider the nuisance that they might cause on moving day. With so many doors and gates, it can be hard to keep your pet from either getting out or in the way. Remember to make arrangements for your pet.

Don’t just leave them in the yard. Pets get hot, too. The movers need the yard anyway, and you can’t reasonably expect them to mind the gates when they’re hauling large furniture in the sweltering heat. Do your pets, and the movers, a favor and leave the pooch with a friend.

5. Stay Cool (and Hydrated)

Keep cool at both your old home and the new one. Make sure your AC is ready at the new home so that you can blast the air conditioning at both ends of the move, even if you have to leave the doors open. Set up some fans to keep the air moving.

Remember to keep everyone properly hydrated. Drink water, and plenty of it. Take regular breaks in the AC to avoid overheating.

Make Your Move Easy

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