When preparing for a move, packing your closet is probably the last thing you want to worry about. All of that cleaning, sorting, and packing can overwhelm just about anybody. But by planning your closet packing in advance you can save time, energy, and money come moving day.

Before you begin packing your closet for a move, start by getting rid of unnecessary and unwanted items. Take the time to separate any damaged or outdated clothing that you no longer wear and consider tossing it, giving it away to friends or donating it to a local charity or non-profit group. Minimizing your wardrobe will make all the difference.

This month, E-Z Move brings you some ways that you can simply and efficiently pack a closet for your move.packing clothes for a move

1. Use Wardrobe Boxes

Removing your clothes from their hangers and cramming them into boxes is a tedious and time-consuming process. Avoid all the fuss and purchase a couple of wardrobe boxes instead,

Wardrobe boxes are long cardboard boxes that come equipped with a metal far designed to hang your clothes, keeping your clothes free of folding and wrinkling during your move.

2. Break Out Your Suitcases

One simple and affordable way to pack away your clothes before a move is to use items that you already have around the house – such as backpacks and luggage,

If you will be transporting your luggage with you to your new home, take advantage of the extra space and fill it up with clothes before packing it away. Not only will this keep your belongings together in a single place, but it will allow you to easily identify where your clothes are on the truck.

3. Garbage Bags or Vacuum Bags

Another easy and affordable way to keep clothes together during a move is to use garbage or vacuum bags.

If you decide to use trash bags, simply cut a large hole in the bottom big enough for the hangers to get through and pull the bag over a dozen items or so. Tie the bag in a knot below the clothes or use packing tape to secure the bundles. A zip tie will hold the hangers together and your items will be ready to move.

Vacuum bags are another efficient way to move clothing because these hold a significantly larger amounts of clothes compared to normal bags and once the air has been sucked out of them, they shrink down immensely, allowing for extra space!

4. Plastic Wraps and Sheets

Sheets and plastic wraps can be used in a similar manner. To pack your clothes using plastic wrap or sheets simply lay the plastic wrap or sheet on a flat surface and then place clothing over it, starting from the larger ones and making your way to smaller items. Simply wrap the sheet or plastic around the clothes and tie it securely. Your clothes will be well protected from damage and the bundles will be easy for the movers to carry.

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