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    July 4th weekend brings families together over barbecues and fireworks, but don’t let it bring added stress onto your move! While Summer is the most popular time of the year to move, this can present problems and extra pressure. With July 4th fast approaching, know these five details before moving that weekend.

    5 Things To Consider Before Moving July 4th Weekend

    1.) Traffic

    Last year, AAA predicted that over 45 million Americans were going to travel on July 4th. 4th of July traffic can make drivers frustrated and extend expected time of arrival. Another factor to consider is the possibility of many road closures and detours.

    2.) Safety Hazards

    July 4th weekend usually involves many adults drinking and partying. As a National holiday, this can be a dangerous travelling weekend for risk of drunk drivers. July 4th is the worst day of the year for fatal crashes, most of which involve alcohol.

    3.) Holiday Restrictions

    July 4th has many state-mandated movement restrictions on trucks carrying heavy loads. This can be an issue for moving trucks in transit during this time and can push back your delivery.

    4.) Busy Friends/ Family Members

    When packing for a big move, it’s helpful to have a group of friends or family help out. There’s a lot to do and the more hands the better to help you organize and pack your things. While your friends and family may wish to help, the 4th of July is such a popular holiday that many of them may already have plans.

    5.) Enjoying Yourself

    You deserve to join in on the summer fun! While moving can be stressful, you should take the time to enjoy your home and surroundings before moving away. Your moving day is exciting, but it requires your full attention. It may be best to wait for a day in which there won’t be so many distractions going on around you.

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