Planning for a long distance move can seem like it will be a pretty complicated task, but there is nothing that you can’t handle if you give yourself enough time to think things through. The experience of moving to a different state can be quite different from moving to another city only an hour away, of course, but since we do this less often, we tend to not have as much knowledge about the way the long distance moving industry works.

There are moving companies that will group the items of two different households on a move in order to fill their large 18-wheel trucks. Also, many companies will give estimates on moving costs instead of actual quotes. If keeping your belongings from being lost or damaged is important to you, and if keeping a close eye on all costs is a priority, then you need to know these things about the mover you are considering.

Below are five things that you should keep in mind if when choosing a moving company:

  1. The Time Window:

    Because most companies are using a tractor trailer, they need to coordinate these moves so that the truck gets filled. This way, the high costs of operating the large trucks is covered. Many of these delivery windows can vary from a week to even a month. Needless to say, this can be very inconvenient on you. If you must leave your residence by a set time, you may be forced to live in a motel or with someone you know until the mover is ready.

  2. The Co-mingling of Furniture

    Do you really want your stuff mixed with someone else’s? This is very likely to happen if you do not fill up the moving company’s large truck. It is possible that when the time comes to deliver and assemble your furniture, you may not get all of the attention you deserve because there is another stop, another set of furniture packed, and some seriously tired movers dividing their limited time and energy to getting everyone’s move done on schedule.

  3. The Hidden Fees

    Those massive 18-wheelers may not be able to access an apartment complex. In that case, your mover may need to transfer your belongings to a shuttle. Most likely, the shuttle will become an added cost for you to have to deal with once you arrive to your new destination. The price of the shuttles can go up to $2000! Very long walkways or extremely heavy items can also add to the cost.

  4. Get a Quote

    Make sure you insist on a final quote and not just an estimate. If they will not do that for you, then move on to the next company. Also, get it in writing.

  5. Go Local

    Go with a local company that has an office in town. Movers with a presence in the community have a reputation to uphold; the large national mover has a headquarters that nobody can find and a customer service hotline that may keep you on hold forever. Go with the mover who has to do a good job or else suffer from bad reviews in town.

A local mover with normal sized moving vehicles can give you a final quote, exclusive service, and more responsive customer service.

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