Three little words, a whole lot of stress: Move-in day. Moving your child to college is a bittersweet moment that requires more planning than one often thinks. Running around and gathering all the things necessary to send your child off to college is hectic, but can be managed. It is the big move – the moment your child has been waiting for and the moment you have been uneasy about since birth. Everything will be completely fine mom and dad, we promise. Here is the ultimate college checklist on how to move your child for college hassle-free from your Tucson moving team, EZ Move.

Limit the crowd

Since moving to college is a big deal, your great aunt and second cousin may want to tag along. Sternly, but nicely, shut this down. Moving is already chaos enough and having an unnecessary crowd of people will just add to the craziness. Squeezing through the small halls and trying to pack into a shoebox of a dorm room will be quite difficult with ten plus people. The fewer people, the better.

Use storable luggage

College spaces, especially dorm rooms, are not built for excessive storage, more like the bare minimum. Lugging huge suitcases, bins and even boxes to college will leave you with no place to store them besides the trash. Stick to duffle bags, under the bed containers or even garbage bags that can easily be folded and molded into small spaces.

Pack for the season

What you will need for the summer, fall and spring semesters will all drastically change from season to season. If you know that you will be going home between semesters, or the weather will not drastically change from 80 degrees to 30 degrees, pack for the season you are in right now. Bringing winter clothes for a summer semester is a waste of the already limited space available.

Bring cleaning supplies

Before you unpack or organize everything, it is a good idea to wipe off the surrounding area. More likely than not, many people have lived where you are moving into before you, and it is always smart to be extra cautious. Be sure to pack these last so that they are the first things you can grab!

Check for move in policies

All colleges are accompanied by different rules and procedures for move-in day that you must follow. To make move-in day go as smoothly as possible, brush up on the policies for your child’s college. Policies can include where to park or even which items are banned from the living space.

Make the college move simple with EZ Move

We know how hard it can be to send your children off to college – it’s never easy to see them go. The Tucson movers at EZ Move can help make this time easier and stress-free with our professional moving team. Place the hassle of moving for college on the hands of your local moving company, and we can guarantee the moving process will be a smooth ride. Call us at (520) 808-0347 or contact us here!

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