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    Moving day is an exciting day that signifies the start of a new adventure. Between last-minute packing and making sure everything gets packed up, moving day can be stressful and strenuous. By planning ahead and following these five tips, your moving day can be much more efficient. You deserve to start your new life feeling refreshed and prepared during moving day.

    Four Things to Not Forget on Moving Day

    1.) Keep a Written Itinerary

    Before moving day, have a written list of everything that needs to be completed that day. That means to write down every task, regardless of how mindless it may seem, such as taking out the trash. There are so many activities simultaneously occurring on moving day that it can be distracting for even the most routine tasks that need to be completed before you can officially move. Throughout the day, check off tasks as they are completed. This will help you keep focus and will serve that you’re making progress throughout the long day.

    2.) Have a Sectioned Off “No Pack” Zone

    Every box and item that is packed up will most likely be considered moving with you to your new location. To not confuse the movers or yourself, set a designated area of your home to hold the items that will not be traveling on the moving truck. These items can include a change of clothes for that week, toiletries, snacks, electronics, and chargers.

    3.) Turn Off Utilities

    Before moving day, make sure you understand which utilities must be turned off before you officially lock up. It is common for homeowners to remember to shut off the lights but forget to turn off utilities they’re not used to turning off such as the water or the Wifi. Doing so will help save money on the utility bill.

    4.) Lean on Your Moving Company

    It is important to choose a moving company that you can rely on and trust. Movers are there to help you with moving and packing your items and to help ease the stress that can come on moving day. When selecting a company, make sure you choose a company that has both experience and great customer reviews online. When you communicate with the movers and work as a team, your move will go by quickly and without much stress.

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