When you’re downsizing or waiting for your new home to be finished, it’s necessary to safely store your items. Storage units can get expensive, but the expense can start to get out of control when you pay for more space then you need. To avoid wasting your hard-earned cash, check out these steps to selecting the right size storage unit for you and your family.

Step 1: Take stock of what you will be storing.

It can be very easy to under or overestimate the amount of stuff you have. To simplify this guessing game, vaguely take stock of what you will be storing and make sure to make a note of any large or unusually shaped items that will not be going in a box.

Step 2: Is this a “set it and forget it type of deal?”

Or are you going to be making frequent visits? The reason we ask is because you will need to decide how much space you need. Will you need space to walk and move your stuff around? Or would it make more sense for you to cram it as full as you can get it, leave it for a few months, and then come back to retrieve your items when you’re ready? Most of the time, people are using this space to store the things that they don’t necessarily need and do not have a place for right now. They like to stuff it to the brim and come back in a few months to transport their items.

Step 3: Once you’ve figured out your amount and needs, use an interactive size guide.

These guides make it simple and easy to decide what will fit—which is often much more than you think. They come in diagrams or virtual size guides to give you an idea of how many boxes will fit.

Step 4: See the unit for yourself, but when in doubt, always go bigger.

There is nothing worse than gathering all of your belongings, schlepping them all the way to the storage unit, only to find out that half of your items don’t fit! Save yourself the headache; if you have even the slightest bit of doubt that your stuff won’t fit in its entirety, go bigger.

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