With all the other million tasks on your mind, packing clothes in a move should be the least of your worries. Opening up your closet and realizing how many clothes you’ve been hoarding is usually a shock to most of us. How will all these items fit? Do I even need 10 of the same t-shirt? With these thoughts swirling through your head, it is easy to get overwhelmed. The moving experts at EZ Move will take this weight off your shoulders with these go-to moving tips to help pack your clothes effortlessly.

Declutter your closet

Throwing away or giving away things can be a hard, yet refreshing task. When moving, it is crucial to bring what is most needed and to let go of those things that aren’t. Cleaning out your closet is the first step of packing up your clothes. The fewer the clothing, the less you have to worry about packing. So grab a trash bag, locate your nearest donation center, and get ready to cleanse your closet.

Invest in wardrobe boxes

Although these boxes are more expensive than your standard brown cardboard boxes, they are worth the extra cash. These boxes are essentially a closet on the move. Equipped with a rod for hangers, you can place your clothes in an organized manner and receive them wrinkle-free. Wardrobe boxes will also shorten your unpacking time. You can purchase these just about anywhere, so go check out your local store and grab a few of these.

Vacuum seal your clothes

Saving space in a move is pivotal. The convenient aspect of clothing is that it can’t be broken or damaged to a certain extent. A vacuum sealed bag keeps moisture, air, and dirt out of your clothing while cutting the size of your clothing items in half. This is the perfect solution for clothes that are out of season or not essential for initial use after the move.

Label everything

Clothing is a key everyday aspect of our lives. In a move, things can get cluttered or misplaced. Labeling your clothing items with keywords such as sweaters, shorts, jeans, etc. will help the process run more smoothly. Labeling allows for the more important clothing items to be readily identified and unpacked in a more timely manner.

Move effortlessly with your team of trusted experts: EZ Move

Every aspect of a move is important and the team at EZ Move knows that. Our moving specialists know that every detail matters – from the little things like clothing to the big things like appliances. We promise to have your back every step of the move. Give us a call at 520-808-0347!

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