Moving across town is one thing. Moving across the country is another. There are more details to consider, more plans to finalize, and more things to worry about. That’s where preparedness comes into play — you’ll want a solid game plan in place to ensure your journey takes the least amount of twists and turns as possible. As experienced professional movers in Tucson, we have thousands of successful moves under our belts and have a few tips to share from our experiences.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

As soon as you have all the details of your new residence hammered out, it’s time to start obtaining quotes from professional moving companies. You’ll want to get a quote in writing and make sure the company you choose not only offers a fair price, but also has testimonials from happy customers. Planning early will also ensure the date you want to move is available.

Get the Word Out

Besides informing your family and friends of your plans to leave their time zone, there are many other parties that will be interested in this information, including your:

  • Financial institutions
  • Utilities companies
  • Doctors
  • Health and life insurance companies
  • Car insurance
  • Child’s school
  • Veterinarian
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions

You’ll also want to fill out a Change of Address form with the USPS so any straggler mail gets forwarded to your new address.

Sell or Donate Excess Stuff

It’s tempting to just empty each closet, drawer and shelf into a box and promise yourself you’ll figure out what to keep or toss once you reach your new destination. But, this isn’t the best approach. In fact, you’ll end up paying more to schlepp things across the country you may not even want or need. Allow extra time in your packing process to make decisions about what to keep, what to toss, what to donate and what to sell. The money you make from a garage sale could offset some of your moving costs and your charitable donations will come in handy as tax deductions.

Make Arrangements for Your Travel

Now that you’ve got all your belongings sorted out, you’ll need to plan for your own transportation. Whether you’re driving your vehicles to your new residence or paying for their transport while you hop on a plane, you’ll need to make the necessary reservations. This includes any nights at a hotel and arrangements for your pets. Make sure you’ve packed necessities with you, such as medications, important documents, and anything else you can’t live without while the rest of your items are in transit.

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