When you are faced with the daunting task of moving, it is always nice to know that you have a local Tucson moving company with highly trained professionals to ease your load, quite literally.  One of the benefits to hiring a moving company that is in Tucson if you live locally is that with enough planning, you can complete your move in one day – you read that right, ONE DAY!

Below are five solid reasons as to why you should hire a local Tucson moving service whether you are moving from one part of town to another, moving into Tucson for the first time, or have the unfortunate task of moving from beautiful Tucson to some other location.

1. No, your friends and family do not want to spend their entire weekend moving all of your stuff…

While your friends and family may be willing to spend their entire weekend off moving you in the hot Tucson sun for the payment of pizza and beer, that does not mean you should make them!  Moving is a lot of hard work and it is very stressful. If you are not the one moving to a new location, there is very little pay off in helping someone else move. If you are an adult, you should factor in the cost of hiring a local moving company, because no one will tell you – but they hate helping you move.

2. You are supporting your local economy 

That’s right – you can proudly brag to everyone you know that you are contributing to your local economy.  The best thing you can do for your local town is to put money back into it. Local companies pay local taxes that help with things such as roads, buildings, and power supplies.

3. Local companies have a reputation to uphold. In other words, they tend to care more…

Of course, there are national chains that care about their reputations, but can you go to any of those national chains and actually talk to the person in charge of their reputation?  I think not! Local companies are very aware of their local image and they are more likely to sponsor local events, sports teams, and charities.

4. Experience

Let’s face it – moving is hard and stressful.  Professional movers know what they are doing – and most people just do not.  When moving you should work smarter, not harder, and professional movers know how to do just that.  They have worked through so many different scenarios whether it be a particularly large piece of furniture versus a small doorway, or spiral staircases and king-sized beds.  They have had to figure out how to maneuver these items time and time again, and in that repetition, they have perfected their craft.  

5. Jobs!

Again, you are helping your local economy!  A local moving company in Tucson is likely to employ Tucson locals.  This means that you could have friends or family members working for a moving company in Tucson, and if they do, you are more likely to get some sort of discount, or at the very least, perhaps some special treatment.  You are helping a dad send his daughter to music camp, you are helping an uncle pay for a fishing trip with his nephew and his brother, you are putting meals on peoples tables for dinner. Who knows, maybe you will end up working for a local moving company in Tucson someday! 

6. Convenience

Local moving companies in Tucson will know Tucson like the back of their hand.  They will know which routes are the quickest, which streets to avoid because of potholes, they will also know different neighborhoods and what to expect in terms of parking a moving truck.  In essence, they will be able to take all of the guesswork out of your move. And as was mentioned above, for a local move, typically they can have it done in ONE DAY! No one wants to spend multiple days or weeks moving into their new home.  Let a local company do that hard work so that you can get to organizing all of your belongings, or perhaps even a house warming party.

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