Many people that move to Arizona from out of state, are shocked to know that June to September are not only peak moving months, but that it also happens to be peak Monsoon season!  This means that you will want to be on the lookout for extreme weather patterns that may interfere with your move. Some of the weather conditions you will be confronted with upon your arrival to Arizona are high humidity, high winds and dust storms, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, flash flooding and extreme heat.  If you are feeling apprehensive about your long distance move to Arizona, it is always wise to hire a long distance moving company in Arizona, since they will know what to expect and how to make sure you have a successful move regardless of Monsoon season. That being said, you may be confused about what kind of weather is typically associated with Monsoon season.  Below we will introduce you to some of Arizona’s most extreme weather phenomena and ways that you can stay safe should you encounter it.

Dust Storms

Monsoon season brings quite strong winds with it, meaning that during a thunderstorm, the winds can lift large clouds of dust and they will sweep across the land, creating extremely dangerous conditions.  You will be able to see a dust storm coming, as it will look like a wall of dust coming at you. If you are driving, you should get off the road immediately. Be sure that you are not just on the shoulder of the road, but pull off as far as you can.  With dust storms creating a near-zero visibility situation, you do not want to be on the road and have someone crash into you from behind. It is important that when you pull over, you turn off all your lights and put your car into park. Every year, people get into horrible accidents during dust storms by trying to drive through them.  Many people will think that they are following a car through a dust storm, when in reality, there is a car pulled over with their lights still on, which is sure to cause a pile-up. It is important that once you have pulled off the road and turned your car off, that you stay in your seat with your seat belts buckled. Dust storms can last anywhere from a few seconds up to an hour.

Flash Floods

If you are unfamiliar with Arizona’s terrain, you should know that there is quite a bit of desert, meaning that rainfall will not soak into the ground very well.  Rainstorms will typically occur during the afternoon or evening, bringing an onslaught of rain that will flood streams, narrow canyons, rivers, creeks and low land.  Even if a storm is miles away, you can get caught in a flood, seemingly out of nowhere. If you see dark clouds or hear thunder, it is best to get to high ground as quickly as possible.  If you are making a long distance move to Arizona, you should also be aware of “The Stupid Motorist Law”, which states that if government resources are used to rescue you from a flash flood in an area where you should have known you were not supposed to drive, you will be charged for any resources used for the rescue, such a police, fire or helicopter.  Save yourself the hassle, embarrassment and money, and do not try to drive through a flooded area!

Extreme Heat

Arizona is known for being extremely hot, but if you have never encountered such heat, you may not know how to protect yourself.  First off, if you are moving, be aware of items that will melt when they reach a certain temperature. If you have all of your belongings in a moving truck, things will get even warmer, as the trucks typically do not have climate control in the back.  You should also be aware of the signs of heat stroke which include feeling nauseous or vomiting, dizziness, shakiness, a high temperature or passing out. You will want to move during the cooler hours of the day, and be sure to wear light, breathable clothing and drink plenty of water.  You should also take breaks fairly often, as the combination of moving items in the heat will make your body extra dehydrated. If you have fans available, you should set them up to circulate air while you move, and be sure to call the utility company ahead of time to make sure your water is turned on.  You will also want to watch for signs of heat stroke in family members or friends. If you have hired a local moving company in Tucson, they will be able to advise you on the safest way to get things done during your move, without pushing yourself to your limit. It is said that it can take as long as a few months to acclimate to Arizona’s extreme heat, so do not take it lightly if you start to feel off.

Tucson, Arizona is home to several excellent local moving companies that will specialize in moving during Monsoon season, regardless of if you are moving to or from anywhere in the nation, or even if you are just moving across town.  Let professional movers take your move to the next level by safely packing, transporting and unpacking your belongings, so that you can focus on the important things, like enjoying and exploring your new home town.

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