There are several reasons to move to Tucson, Arizona, whether is be the community, food or the many local attractions.  That being said, if you find yourself moving to Tucson, you would be wise to hire a local Tucson moving company. They will make your move smooth and as stress free as possible.  Many people are tempted to try and move themselves from one home to the next, and if you find yourself in that camp, there is one aspect of moving that you should take note of: moving safety.  When we think of moving, we tend to have a vision of loading up our vehicles with a bunch of boxes and then unloading them at our new home, but there is so much more to moving than just that simple concept.  Something that will help ease the load (pun intended) is having some tools handy that experts use, and for good reason.

First things first – if you have children or pets, it would be wise to try and find a family member or friend that can house them for a day or two so that you can focus on getting everything ready for your big move day.  You are not just trying to clear your mind so that you can focus on the sole act of moving, but having children and pets around stacked boxes, loose appliances, etc is just asking for an accident to happen. You also want to make sure that you have a clear path to and from the front door so that you can load in a way that makes sense.  The first items you load will be the last items you unload. Packing your vehicle comes with its own challenges, but there are some basic ways to make sure you are being as efficient as possible. Note that you should pack your vehicles with heavy boxes or items on bottom and stack lighter items on top, and be sure to distribute the weight of items as evenly as possible.  That being said, when it comes to boxes, do not get extra large boxes that will be too heavy to carry. Boxes should be up to, but not to exceed fifty pounds, and have the bottoms doubled tape to avoid any major accidents like books falling through and onto your feet. Speaking of feet, you should wear appropriate footwear for your moving day; this means no sandals or open-toed shoes, but rather tennis shoes or work boots that will be both comfortable and protective.  You will also want to wear loose-fitting (not baggy) clothing that is breathable and appropriate for the weather.

Safe lifting techniques are the number one thing you should study up on when looking to move anything.  You will want to make sure that if you are lifting a box that it is not so heavy that you will have difficulty carrying, and that the bottom is double tapped.  You should lift with your legs and avoid twisting at the waist, but rather turn your entire body. If you have access to a back support belt, you should use that as well, as it will keep you from throwing your back out.  When carrying boxes, you should keep them at waist height and as close to your body as possible and not try to lift them over your head. Tucson can be hot, meaning you will be sweating while moving, in which case you should double down on safety measures and use work gloves to avoid boxes slipping out of your hands.

Another moving tool that is extremely helpful but highly underrated is the use of furniture sliders.  Furniture sliders are usually in the shape of a circle and are made up of a foam that you can put under the legs of furniture or corners of hutches and entertainment centers, and you can slide them across hard surfaces such as wood, linoleum, vinyl and tile.  There are even specialty furniture sliders that can be used on cement and even carpet. Utilizing sliders as much as possible during your move will not only speed up the process of moving furniture and avoiding destroying your floor, but it is also a lot easier than trying to get enough people to help you lift heavy furniture that is often awkward to hold for more than a few seconds.

The most helpful tools to use during a move are moving dollies and hand trucks.  While dollies and trucks have the same general set goal – putting heavy items on wheeled platforms and rolling them to their destination, there are some differences.  Hand trucks have a handle, are smaller and they are great for moving multiple boxes or small furniture or small appliances. Furniture and appliance dollies are capable of holding greater weight capacities, ranging from 100 pounds to 1,000 pounds.  Furniture and appliance dollies will not have handles, but rather will be a square platform on wheels that can but put under couches, stoves, fridges or washers and dryers. When moving large items, you should still always have more than one person helping to guide furniture.

Moving is stressful even at the best of times, so be sure to reach out to family and friends to get some extra help so that you do not hurt yourself.  Always listen to your body, and if you are feeling tired and sore, be sure to take a break and have some food and hydrate more than normal. The combination of physical exertion, perspiration and warm weather will dehydrate you more quickly, so set an alarm to remind yourself to rest, eat and hydrate.  We hope that these tips will be helpful the next time you have to move, but if all else fails, there are several professional Tucson movers that would be happy to help.

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