When packing for a move, we want to make sure nothing is left behind and that all items are packed correctly. Everyone knows bubble wrap provides protections while moving, but for items like porcelain plates and wine glasses, you may want to go the extra mile to make sure they stay intact.

Prevent the disaster and heartbreak when you unpack and find boxes full of broken glass when you arrive. Here are some tips to make moving easy and make sure your fragile items arrive safely in your new home:


Padding is the key to a well-secured box containing your valuables. You want to ensure that those bumps in the road along the way don’t break your valuables.

Follow this simple rule: Towels on the bottom, pillows on the top.

Place towels or blankets (or even old t-shirts!) at the bottom of the box, then pack the fragile items, well-wrapped in bubble wrap, on top. Top off the box with a pillow, and finish by properly closing the box with strong tape. Use a thick pen or marker to mark the box as fragile. It is recommended to write “fragile” on every side of the box.


Don’t be shy with cardboard boxes! Make sure you have enough boxes to pack everything you need in an organized way. Make sure to separate the fragile items from sharp and heavy ones. It’s far better to have extra boxes than to come up short, so you don’t end up with heavy, over-packed boxes that are likely to break during your move.

You should also make sure that the boxes you choose are sturdy enough to handle your possessions. Try to avoid used boxes that have seen better days – you don’t want to end up with your possessions all over the floor due to a busted box.

Extra Padding

If you are short on bubble wrap, use old newspapers lying around the house! For example, wrap fragile items, like delicate plates, lamps, and electronics, with newspaper! Use as much newspaper as you need to secure your belongings on the road. If you don’t have enough, ask your friends and neighbors to give you their old papers instead of throwing them out. As an extra precaution, you can secure the newspaper with tape.

Protecting Mirrors, Windows, and Other Glass

For oversized glass items, like mirrors or windows, apply painter’s tape across the glass portion in the shape of a star. Doing this will prevent the glass from shifting and shattering while it’s moved to your new home. Finish it off by protecting the edges with foam or wrap them in bubble wrap.

Let Us Help You!

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