Few people think of movers in Tucson till when they must use the services of one. It would be safe to
say that there is never the perfect mover at any time and each mover provides a set of advantages over
the other. The customer would do well to conduct a small research on who is available for the move
and more importantly to find someone that would fit in with the budget at hand.

There are all sorts of mover when it comes to moving services being offered at a locality. It makes sense
to consider the main points when it comes to shifting premises as and when they occur. A strong
lookout for the hidden gems would bring out some of the better qualities to the shifters than to stick to
the most preferred ones most of the time.


  1. Make a list of the reliable Tucson movers

    One of the easiest and most reliable steps would be to ask around in the neighborhood as well as with the friend’s circles for suggestions to a good reliable mover in Tucson. A search on the internet would reveal some of the most used movers too. Here it would be advisable to check on the customer reviews that have been posted by past clients.

    When seeking out a list of movers in a place like Tucson, you should note that often there would only be a handful of movers on the list. That does not mean that the effort is wasted but that it brings to picture the main players in the market all the time.

  2. Check on the previous track records

    It is important when hiring full packing and moving services, to check on their previous track record. In most cases, a disgruntled customer is bound to leave an unflattering review on the company’s website. When such comments are first seen, it is important to try and follow up on what happened to the customer. This should not be such a difficult task as there would be the contact details provided with the comments being posted.

    The thing about most service providers is that they tend to often repeat mistakes. So, it would be prudent to stay away from the movers that have made a habit of providing poor service all the time.

  3. Getting quotes from the moving firms

    With most businesses, it is customary to seek a quote for the services being rendered to the customer. Thus, it would not be a bad thing to seek out at least price quotes from four or five moving services. With most quotes, it is possible to get an insight into the quality of service being rendered by the rates mentioned therein.

    A prudent step would be to refrain from seeking out the lowest bidders as often they tend to be one of the least service-minded people. When finalizing the mover, it makes sense to find the most complete of shifters than to seek out the cheapest offering. One of the most advisable steps would be to have the quote split into various heads like packing, loading, unloading, transportation, handling, etc. This would provide an insight into how the actual move tends to be.

  4. Asking for a home visit to be done

    Most of the moving services that are on the job would insist on a home visit before taking to providing a quote for their services. This would bring to view the intricacies of making the shift on an actual day. Ask the shifters to give a rough estimate when the shift can be done and the kinds of material, they would use to pack the goods.

    Considering that there are many types of packing material on hand these days, it would be prudent to insist on using some of the more environmentally acceptable ones as far as possible. Another interesting factor would be the cost incurred in using a particular packaging material. There are always cheaper options when it comes to this part.

  5. Check on hidden costs

    When considering a moving agent, it would be wise to check on the hidden costs to the move. Often the Tucson movers tend to hide the expenses in various ways. This is where a break down of the cost of the move comes handy; rather than a single lump sum.

    It is a customary practice to provide a non-binding cost to the move by the service providers. At the same time, it helps to ask questions about the full packing and moving services. Often it has been seen in the past that it is possible to reduce the cost of the service by negotiating on the smaller sums that tends to creep into the quotes.

  6. Is the service insured

    As with any move of premises, it is customary for damages and breakages to occur. Despite the best efforts to doing away with such incidents, often they are a part and parcel of the shifting. Some of the better run movers in Tucson, then to provide all comprehensive insurance coverage to the shifting of goods. The insurance premium would be part of the price quoted by the firm.

    In case the company does not provide for insurance, then it would be wise to have the shift insured even if it means a little extra cost to the move. The consequences to breakages often out weight the cost incurred in taking out insurance.


    As has been stated in the above, there is no such thing as a perfect shifting of places. What the customer can look to provide is a safe shift as far as possible. It is important to keep a watch on the budget available for the shift, but at the same time, it makes proper sense to allow enough flexibility to factor in the variables to a shift as far as possible.

    Often a shift of premises involves a complex set of actions that it is truly not possible to handle every minute detail. But at the same time, it helps to have the most control of the various stages to the move as far as possible.


Hiring a moving company will save you time plus there is the added bonus that you will be able to save your body some aches and pains.  When it comes down to it, hiring a Tucson moving company, E-Z Move, will allow you to focus on the important things in your life, such as your family or work obligations.  You will also have the peace of mind that your belongings are being packed and shipped in a safe manner and that you will have extra coverage just in case something does get damaged.  The easiest thing you can do today to prepare for your move, whether it be local or long distance is to contact a moving company in Tucson and have them come out to chat about what your needs. Call (520) 808-0347 to schedule your long-distance move with Tucson’s best moving company, E-Z Move.