Many folks can’t choose exactly when they move. But for those with schedule flexibility, they often ask: “What’s the most affordable day of the week to move?”. For the most part, the most affordable day of the week is usually a weekday – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The main reason is that most moving companies offer better rates because they are less busy during the weekdays. Typically, you’ll find that most discounts are given on Tuesdays. So, if you have the chance to move on a weekday, this is likely your best bet for the best deal. Below are a few other advantages to moving on a weekday:

1.) It’s More Affordable & Convenient

As we mentioned earlier, the main reason most people move on weekdays is the affordability! Moving companies tend to be less booked and have much more availability during the week, thus moving rates will be lower. Some moving companies may even offer extra discounts, savings, and promotions for moving during a weekday. And you’ll find that running errands and switching your utilities is much easier during regular business hours.

2.) The Neighborhood Will Be Less Busy

If you opt to move during a weekday, you’ll find that on the bright side, most of your neighbors will be at work during the day. You will get to have more privacy as you move your personal belongings into your residence and not have to worry about anyone snooping during your move. In addition, the roads in your neighborhood will typically be less busy and walkways should be more clear for lugging boxes and furniture into your new home.

3.) There’s Less Traffic During the Day

Another perk to a weekday move is there is less traffic during the day. Keep in mind, the late morning is the best time to move during the day. You’ll be able to easily skip the morning commute traffic, and as long as your move doesn’t exceed eight hours, it should be smooth sailing.

4.) You Don’t Have to Sacrifice the Weekend

As we all know, weekend time is essential. Many people love to choose Friday as their move-in day because they only have to take one day off work. After moving day is over, you’ll get the entire weekend to unpack and catch up on your downtime. And if you opt to move earlier in the week, you’ll get to enjoy your entire weekend. For many, the extra time for rest and relaxation is so important after a long week so weekday moves are preferred. Hands down, the best part about a weekday move is you don’t have to sacrifice your entire weekend! Get all the heft moving done during a busy workday, and you’ll still get to enjoy your Saturday and Sunday off.,

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