Although most of us believe we can organize, sort and remember the 50 things we need to do just from the sheer use of our stellar memory, this isn’t always the case. Many things need to be organized and written down so that we can efficiently get them done. It is essential that you make a checklist when moving because odds are without one you’ll be leaving important things behind. Get out your notepad and pens out because it’s time to make the ultimate moving checklist!

Before Moving

1. Sell or Donate

It’s like ripping off a band-aid, it needs to be done quickly to avoid pain. It can be hard to give away things that you ultimately think you will need “one day.” You know you’re never going to wear that scarf your grandma gave you for Christmas back in 2006. Take a stroll through your living space (and your closet) and pick out things you know won’t be essential for your new home. Decluttering your old space will be liberating, leaving space for new things in your new place!

2. Stock Up On Supplies

Be ready to raid your local packing store. When you are in the process of moving, the thought of having to run an extra errand to pick up more packing supplies is just a hassle. If you stock up on packaging essentials before, the packing process will go smoothly. You can gather boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap and more from a store or even friends, family or your workplace.

3. Find The Right Moving Company

Do your research. I repeat, do your research. Finding the right moving company for your move is half the battle of moving. A team of professional movers can take the stress out of moving – they are your moving dream team. Narrow your choices down to one or two moving companies and call for a quote!

4. Take Photos of Your House Before Packing

Before you start packing up your things, be sure to snap a couple of photos of your home and its layout. Photos will help you unpack and organize things later with a visual of where everything fits.

5. Get a Change-of-Address Form Completed

Unless you want to stop getting mail and other important documents, you must fill out this form. You can either bare the crowd at your local post office or simply fill out the form online here.

6. Transfer Utilities and Cancel Household Subscriptions

Getting in contact with your utility company or companies is important. Gather their information and give them a call to plan for your shut-off day and to pay any existing fees you owe. Also, cancel or change the address of your current subscriptions.

7. Sort Through Important Documents

Make a copy, upload or scan your important documents. In a move, things can easily get lost and damaged. Your social security card is not safe floating around town.

8. Label Boxes and Put Fragile Items First

Instead of rummaging through countless boxes to find your spatula, smack a label on the box and call it a day. Label what’s inside and what area of the house it belongs to so it is easy to identify which box contains which things. Make sure to pack fragile items first because this takes more effort and time than simply folding and packing up clothing.

After Moving

1. Clean Up the New Place

Even if your new place seems to be clean, polish it off first to avoid having to do it after you move everything into your home. This will give you and your new home a fresh feel and save you the time of trying to do it later.

2. Check Functionality of Utilities

Your utilities should already be on and working by the time you move in, but your best bet is to double check. While you’re at it, ensure that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are stocked with batteries and turned on.

3. Unpack the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a long and frustrating process, so it’s best to get this out of the way first. Unpack the basics like pots, pans, and utensils first and organize it to your liking later on.

4. Unpack the Bedroom

Unless you plan on sleeping on the floor, set up and unpack your bedroom. A freshly made bed can make your new place feel like home. Don’t worry about making your ultimate dream bedroom a reality at first, save that for when you have a better outlook on your home and more energy to do so.

5. Set up the Bathroom

Make sure that your bathroom is functional and stocked with things you’ll need when you first move in, like toilet paper and soap.

6. Set up Electronic Devices

Hooking up your devices is not an essential task, but an enjoyable aspect of unpacking. Unpacking is a tedious and long task to finish. Listening to your favorite music, streaming a TV show or just putting on an old movie can make the process less dull.

7. Shop For Essential Items

A trip to the store will sound unbearable after hours and hours of unpacking. But skipping dinner isn’t an option. Before you completely burn yourself out from the day’s work, stop by your local store to pick up items that you need. Make this short and sweet, save the long trip for the future.

Moving Made Easy With EZ Move

With your checklist in one hand and your dream movers on the other, moving will be simple! EZ Move is the ultimate moving company that takes pride in having the best team of trained professionals for all moving adventures. Call us at (520) 808-0347 or contact us here!

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