The Best Places to Shop for Cheap Furniture

Buying a new couch is an expensive ordeal. Furnishing a whole room or home is downright a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be the nightmare that you think, especially when it comes to your wallet. Check out these great places to get cheap furniture to furnish your new home.

Online Retailers and Resellers

With the constant development of technology, the market for cheap furniture has expanded all over the internet. Anyone can now browse local sellers and individuals from a computer or phone. Many websites are dedicated to the resell used and new furniture, whether locally or around the nation. Some of the most popular platforms include Chairish, Furnishly, and Offerup, which allow any individual to list, buy, and sell their items. The wide selection of furniture is overwhelming, making it more than possible for you to find that perfect addition to your home without breaking the bank.

Charity Shops

When thinking about where to find cheap furniture, Goodwill or The Salvation Army are more than likely the top choices. Due to being the most well-known resource for donation and resale items, many people bring their unused furniture to these places, offering a wide and changing variety to those seekers. For the patient and diligent buyer, beautiful items ranging from new to antiques can be found at cheaper prices than buying from big box furniture stores. These charity shops separate themselves from other places by using the money they make to benefit the community and the public that they serve, often run by churches or nonprofits.

Yard and Garage Sales

Spring cleaning isn’t just for Spring. Instead of donating used furniture, some people will opt to try to sell them in their own front yard. For those looking for vintage and antique items, this is a great way to start your search. Unlike the other places listed here, the unique part of yard and garage sales is the opportunity to bargain with the sellers. This option gives you the chance to find great furniture for even cheaper than anywhere else.

Salvage and Resale Places

Another great option when searching for cheap furniture are salvage and resale stores. These types of businesses focus more on home furnishings, appliances, and construction materials. Often furniture in these stores will be new and in excellent condition. A well known nationwide example is ReStore from The Habitat for Humanity organization. Other stores may focus more on specific items and needs of that community compared to other stores. With different offerings and specializations from one store to another, the variety of cheap furniture is endless.

Local Thrift and Consignment Shops

Of course, local thrift and consignment shops are often goldmines for used furniture that people donate or put up for sale. Usually small local shops will be cheaper than the larger thrift chain stores. A benefit to buying from small and local shops is the advantage it gives to the community – often buying and hiring locally. Many beautiful treasures lay in wait in these small thrift shops for the person willing to explore and dive in.

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