Ever wonder what the best time of year to move is? The answer to that question: it depends! Typically, cooler fall weather is helpful during a move but there’s plenty of other factors to consider. For example, your budget, where you live, your schedule and mover availability can all have an impact on your decision. Ultimately, the best time of year is an individual decision, but the top two most popular times include the Summer and Fall. Find out why these two seasons tend to be the most popular for movers:

The Fall

Moving in the fall is one of the most popular times to move. For most areas of the country, you can’t beat the cool, brisk weather during the September through November months. With temperatures cooling down (but not yet frigid), a fall move is considered one of the easiest. This is particularly true for places that are very hot and humid during the summer months.

Another great benefit is that you’ll be settled into your new home before the December holiday season arrives. It’s a great way to kick off the holiday season and the new year. For many, buying a home during the fall months is another great idea. Typically, this time of year brings a slow down since peak home-selling season ends in late summer. If you have small children, moving with the school year starting up can pose a challenge for the whole family, especially if the move includes changing schools.

Even with this challenge (which some may find a benefit if your kids are already in school), our pick for the top time of year to move is autumn.

The Summer

The summer is another very popular time to move. Home-selling season peaks around this time, which means it’s a great time to sell your home for a quick sale. You can expect your home to sell relatively quickly at this time with the influx of buyers. For most families, school-age children are on summer break, so families can benefit from moving in the summertime. Disrupting your kid’s school year with a move can be stressful and difficult for everyone involved. Instead, a summer move makes the transition much easier for the entire family. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of additional helping hands from the kids! On the downside, the reason many choose to not move during the summer is the high price tag.

Since so many moves take place from Memorial Day to Labor Day, moving company rates tend to be the very highest during the summer. Additionally, the hot and humid weather is a deterrent for many. If you live in a very hot area, like Arizona, Texas or Florida, you may want to consider a cooler month to move, if possible.

When Is the Best Time?

We’ve outlined two very popular times to move with fall time being our top pick, but when is the best time? Ultimately, this decision comes down to your needs, budget and personal preferences. If you don’t have kiddos and are trying to save money on a move, you might consider a late fall, winter or early spring move. If you happen to have school-age children and don’t want to disrupt their school year, the summertime might be the best time of the year. If none of these are factors for you, you may wish to move during the mildest weather months such as the fall or springtime.

Bottom line? The choice is yours! Regardless of which season you move, you will do best to pick a mid-week and mid-month month move date. These dates are usually less busy than weekend dates at the beginning or end of the month. Why? It’s because rental leases usually start on the first and last weekend of the month, so you’ll be able to opt for a less busy time.

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