Most people dread a long distance move, but fear not, we have some of the essential do’s and don’ts that will ease your transition. While we are located in Tucson, Arizona, and often help people move locally, we have helped just as many people move all over the United States and  have plenty of tips to make your long distance move as easy as possible.


Do: Go through all of your belongings with a critical eye. When you are moving long distance you want to take only the essentials. Whether you are driving a moving van yourself or hiring a moving company things will go much smoother if you have already weeded out the items that are trash or need to be donated and you have the belongings you’ll be taking packed and ready to go when moving day arrives.

Don’t:  Expect someone else to know what is important to you.  If you have friends or family members looking to help you pack, you can not expect them to be able to make the determination of what you want to keep versus what should be tossed.  The only way to ensure that everything you love makes it to your new home is to know exactly what you have kept and what you have thrown away or donated.  This is also a great time to create a detailed inventory of anything that is packed.

Do:. Pack everything in the most efficient way possible. It wouldn’t hurt to go on YouTube and look up videos of how to pack different items efficiently. Also, if you are bringing things like suitcases don’t leave them empty, but rather, utilize that space by packing as much as possible in any bags or suitcases that you already own. This is also great if you have clear storage bins made out of plastic because you will be able to see what is in everything.  You should also pack anything fragile with lots of cushion around it by using bubble wrap, newspaper or even towels that you already own.

Don’t:  Overload moving boxes. The only thing worse than packing is packing in a way that’s going to create more issues when you arrive at your new home. You also don’t want to be leaving any fragile items to chance. Make sure that you wrap valuables as tightly as possible with bubble wrap as accidents can happen.

Hiring a moving company

Do: Research a few companies online and then call them to see how responsive they are upfront.  You will get a good feel for the level of customer service a company has in your initial call to find out some information about such things as fees, insurance and their philosophy when moving someone across the country.

Don’t: Assume that you know of more than a professional moving company. If you are contacting a company it is because on some level you realize that you are not a professional mover and that someone might have some expertise that you do not. That being said, you should certainly trust common sense. You should also listen to any advice that a professional moving company is willing to give. If the interaction is negative up front then that is a red flag that should not be ignored.

Do: Go online and look at reviews of the company. Be sure that you read the reviews with a grain of salt,  because as with anything in life, while one person might have a positive experience there’s always the chance of a one-off where somebody had a bad experience. You will also be able to see it if the moving company has taken the time to respond back to any negative reviews, the tone, language and courtesy that they use in their response can also tell you a great deal about how they handle criticism and also how they may have taken steps to improve and experience or right a wrong.

Don’t:  Try to haggle about price just because you saw a less-expensive company elsewhere. Oftentimes, if a company is charging more it is likely because they are offering a more complete experience that could include things such as insurance. While it is important to make sure that you’re getting a good price, just know that there is a point where you get what you pay for so if you hire the least expensive company you may have a great experience but it may also fall short in many other areas. They may not be completely transparent about any fees associated with the move that aren’t in the initial bold print contract, and there could be something extra that is in the fine print so make sure that you read your contract thoroughly and that you understand exactly what you will be charged as well as if there are any variables in place that you need to consider for your budget.


Do: Research the weather that you will be traveling through, particularly if you will be traveling at a time of year where you may come upon snow, sleet, tornados, sand storms, flash flooding or monsoons.  If you are not familiar with how to approach certain weather systems, do some research and educate yourself so that you have a safe trip.  If you are moving to Tucson, Arizona, we have plenty of information about the monsoon season as well as tips for safely traveling in our warmer climate.

Don’t: Speed or drive in an unsafe manner at any time, but especially if there is severe weather.  If you are driving a moving truck or van that you are unfamiliar with, you should be more cautious than if you were in your own vehicle, as their steering and braking capabilities will be quite different since you will be towing extra weight.

Do: Give yourself plenty of time to travel to your new home.  Also, moving long distance is a great opportunity to see all of the beautiful sights in the United States.  If you aren’t in a rush you can visit national parks and meet some lovely people along the way.

Don’t: Be rude to the people you interact with on your way to your new home.  They say you catch more bees with honey so try being kind to everyone you meet along the road.


DO:  Call us at any time and we can discuss your needs and/or offer practical advice based on your individual situation.  Good luck!