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    It can be said that owning a pet reduces stress levels, improves your mental health, and can even add years onto your life. With National Pet Day around the corner, it’s a purr-fect occasion to bring a furry friend into your home. Being a pet owner can be a lot of work, but it’s rewarding and can change the way your life feels. Let’s touch base on a few important things you’ll need to consider when pet-proofing your home.

    Kitchen Tips

    • Make sure that cabinet doors can stay shut, or even latched close, so pets won’t be able to accidentally get into any hazardous cleaning supplies.
    • Get any medications, cleaning supplies, or chemicals out of the way by putting them on higher shelves.
    • Invest in garbage cans that have lids that can’t be easily opened.
    • Keep food out of reach.
    • If there’s space behind your cabinets, make sure that any openings or ways behind them are blocked off and inaccessible.

    Living Room Safety

    • Secure and hide any loose wires or cables from your television, lamps, game consoles, etc.
    • If you have plants in your living room, make sure they’re either out of reach or not likely to knock over.
    • Put away any children’s toys or small items that can be accidentally ingested.
    • Check behind, underneath, and inside your couch for smaller sized materials that your pet could consume if they got ahold of.
    • Make sure that all of your heating/cooling vents are covered and secure.

    Garage Preparation

    • Place any chemicals, paints, or cleaning solutions out of the way and on high shelves.
    • Keep any and all sharp objects out of reach.
    • Make sure that your washer and dryer doors are closed when not being used, so your pet can’t hide in there or get ahold of any laundry or detergents.
    • Throw out any trash you may leave behind, so your pet won’t accidentally eat it.

    Bedroom Arrangements

    • Put away any clothing that’s left out so your pet won’t eat small parts off of it, or use it as a litterbox.
    • Don’t leave shoes out in the open, as they have small parts that can become choking hazards for your pet if they were to fall off.
    • Keep any medicines, beauty products, or skin care products where they belong and not out in the open.
    • If you have windows, make sure they stay closed.
    • Don’t keep any food in your room, your pet might get into it and eat something bad for them.

    E-Z Move’s Guarantee of Success

    We’ve been moving families for years now, and our work speaks for itself. Our goal is to make your move an easy process and to make sure that the most you have to worry about it taking your furry loved ones from point A to point B. Contact us online today, or call us at (520) 808-0347.

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