It’s fall, and for many, moving plans are being set in motion. If you’re gearing up for a local or long-distance move, you might be in the middle of packing, cleaning and hiring a trusted moving team. While moving can be stressful and incredibly busy, there are a few ways to plan for a smooth, fuss-free move. The key is in the prep work. Below are three tips to make your move easy, seamless and possibly even fun:

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead

The number one tip we suggest is planning ahead! We know that in some cases, moving can be very last-minute. But for those of you who have prior notice and can plan ahead, consider doing so! Grab a pad and pen, and start jotting down the most important things you need to get done for the move. This might include: decluttering, cleaning, packing, hiring movers (or recruiting family and friends to help out), and running specific errands. Start by listing out the most important tasks and ranking them by your priority (list high, medium or low). Then, get started on your most important to-dos. Remember, it’s not a sprint – so pace yourself!

Tip #2 – Protect Your Belongings

When you move, you absolutely want to protect your belongings. Your furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and other valuables are costly and important. It’s essential to pack them carefully, using sturdy cardboard boxes, duct tape and mark the boxes with a sharpie pen (listing what’s inside). It’s easy to get caught up in your move and forget to pack methodically – but be sure to! This will make unpacking so much easier. Some renters and homeowners also take out insurance on high-value items. This is another excellent way to protect your valuables, especially during a move.

Finally, when you’re moving – consider creating a special box for high value and easily damaged items, like jewelry or electronics. Bring this with you in your car for added security and peace of mind.

Tip #3 to Make Your Move Easier – Get Additional Help

When you plan a move, getting the extra help you need is essential! This will cut down on the time spent moving, make lifting heavy furniture much easier, and reduce any potential stressors on you and your family. When you look for a moving company for a local or long-distance move, sort by the best reviews in your area to find a reputable mover. You’ll want to make sure your moving company carries liability insurance and is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind, moving companies are less busy in the fall, so you can snag the best deal possible this time of year!

Thinking of recruiting family and friends? Reach out ahead of time to make sure you can book time in their busy schedules. You might even consider bribing them with the promise of pizza, drinks or a fun outing after moving day is done and over with.

Make Your Next Move an E-Z One

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