A Question Many Nervous Drivers Ask

Some people get nervous about long distance moves, due to the number of miles they’ll have to drive. Therefore, one of the major questions they have is whether they should use highways or back roads.

Today we’re going to answer that question.

Why Back Roads May Be a Good Choice for a Long Distance Tucson Move

One of the obvious advantages that a back road possesses over a highway is that the back roads have lower speed limits. There is great comfort to be had in the fact that people are driving more slowly, which means that they have more time to react if something bad happens on the road.

On the highway the rule is that you’re supposed to put three seconds of distance between you and the car. That is to say, if the car in front of you stops, you should have three seconds to react. This rule is doubled for times when weather conditions are rough, meaning that in these cases you should have six seconds of distance.

Of course, there are many cars on the highway that don’t follow this rule, which means that back road drivers can feel a lot safer.

As well, back roads are good for more than just the skittish driver. They can also be wonderfully scenic, and the slow pace allows you to appreciate the scenery more.

Why Highways May Be a Good Choice for a Long Distance Tucson Move

Despite how it may seem, back roads aren’t necessarily less dangerous than back roads. In fact, the Federal Highway Administration says on their website that “The Interstate System is the safest road system in the country, with a fatality rate of 0.8 per 100 million vehicle miles, compared with 1.46 for all roads in 2004.”

Despite how much slower back roads are, they come with a whole host of safety issues: drivers are usually moving in two directions, which increases the likelihood of head-on collisions; there’s more stopping and starting due to traffic lights; and there are many things which can make their way onto the road, such as animals and pedestrians.

To add to the danger, back roads are generally even less safe at night. You can accidentally get lost due to wrong turns, and the stop-and-start nature of the journey means that you’re more vulnerable to criminals.

Another thing in the favor of highways is that Arizona has some particularly scenic state highways. Take the Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road, which bird watchers all around the world have appreciated.

So What’s the Final Answer?

Honestly, if you’re making a long distance move to or from Tucson, we would recommend that you use the highway.

That said, there are some reasons why you might prefer to use back roads: you might know and be comfortable with particular back roads, or traffic reports may be reporting that a certain highway is backed up.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to look at things on a case-by-case basis. But as a general rule, highways are the way to make your long distance move.

Want Help With Your Long Distance Tucson Move?

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