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    Sometimes, life dictates when we’re going to move. You may get the job offer of your dreams and be asked to start right away, or your family might be out-growing its home and the decision to move needs to happen sooner rather than later. Other times, we get more time to choose. EZ Move has years of experience moving people in Tucson, Arizona, and around the country. Here are our reasons why a summer move makes the most sense for many movers.


    The weather is definitely better in the summer for a move, so it makes sense to use that time for your move. If you move in summer, you’ll know the only thing you’ll have to deal with is heat. Can you imagine moving in winter? Depending on where you’re moving from or to, you might have to compete with snow, icy roads, or bitter cold. Lift a heavy dresser with gloves on or frozen fingertips? Forget it.

    Luckily, we don’t have to deal with harsh winters here in Tucson, but be aware that the summer heat brings its own challenges. Moving is strenuous work, so if you move in the heat, you’re potentially at risk of heat exhaustion. Make sure to wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing, stay hydrated, and take frequent breaks. To lighten your load, consider hiring a moving company like EZ Move who does local and long distance moving.

    Life Events

    Another reason that summer is a common time to move is because many life events associated with moving often happen in the summer. Many people like to get married in June because of the potential for clear, sunny weather. Additionally, in the summertime, more people ask for time off to take a vacation, so your employer may be more likely to sign off on taking time to move. Another common event is that students move away from college at the beginning of summer and move back at the end of it. Since school is out, families with children in school can move during the summer because there is less disruption to their learning. The military’s peak moving season is in the summer, too. As you can see, the summer months tend to be busy with a variety of life events.


    For all of these life events, summer is the best time to move for the best availability. People moving during the summer will see more homes and apartments listed. Trulia says that summer is the best time to find a deal for buying a home, so add that to your list of reasons to move too!

    Move This Summer With EZ Move

    While it makes sense to move in the summer, but it’s also our busiest time of year! If you’re moving this summer, contact us right away to secure your spot for our professional moving services! You can also reach EZ Move by phone at (520) 808-0347.

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