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    Moving during summer might be stressful with the heat, high demand and climbing rates. However, planning ahead of time will help you be more in control of things and enable you to move with ease.

    Summer is the most popular time of the year to move. Keep in mind to consider moving during weekdays as many people have to work during this time of the week. It is highly advisable to avoid moving during the weekends or at the beginning and the end of the month where usually there is high volume of moving. Due to the high demands of moving during summer, moving company rates go up and their schedules fill up quickly. Here are three moving tips that will help make your moving experience an EZ process to handle:

    Plan Ahead

    It is important to start your moving preparations about six to eight weeks prior to when you are planning to move. Keep in mind that moving companies schedules, during the summer, are very busy and fil up quickly, so consider spending some time shopping around not only for the most affordable ones, but for those that are highly recommended to ensure a good experience. Visit EZ Move’s website to learn about services and ask for a free quote.

    It is important to know about the size and the number of boxes you may need for packing your belongings. Visit unpak’t’s box guide to make a educated decision regarding size and number of boxes that will fit your belongings and protect them from getting damaged during your move.

    Carefully Pack Specific Items

    Due to high temperatures in summer and inside moving trucks, some items will need to be packed more  carefully. You may consider storing and moving items in your car instead of hot moving truck. For example, candles, musical instruments, CDs, cassettes, and vinyl records can get damaged under high temperatures. Therefore, it is better to place such items in your car to keep your belongings in good condition and to lower the chances of getting them damaged.

    Stay Cool

    Stay hydrated and wear loose fitting clothing is very important especially during high temperatures. We tend to get thirsty quickly during hot weather, so load up with water throughout the day, and try to stay mostly in a cooler area besides taking breaks from time to time throughout moving day. Also wearing breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen will keep your body cool.

    Start Early

    Beat the heat and book with your moving company early in the morning. It is cooler around 7 am than it is later between noon and 4: 30 pm. So starting early in the day will allow you to accomplish most of the work while the day is coolest.

    Let Us Make Your Summer Move A Breeze

    While moving to a new place is already a big hurdle, having to move during summer might be even more stressful. Let EZ Move do the planning and the work for you. Whether you are looking for local or long distance movers, EZ Move is the leading Tucson moving company with years of experience and great reviews. Call us today to schedule your move!

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