The holidays have come and gone yet again… and yet again you’re left with the same old cluttered mess. Make things easy for you and your family, and take care of it now! The longer you let everything sit around, the more overwhelming it is when you finally do try and make a dent in it all. Let’s get started!

Throw Out Aunt Sue’s Leftovers

Often times… there’s a crucial part of the house that gets forgotten about when you start cleaning up after the holidays. The refrigerator! Full of leftovers and in need of some tender loving care, you should absolutely start here! Throw out any expired items (there’s definitely going to be some, despite what you think), really ask yourself if you need to hold onto the leftover stuffing, and clean those shelves. Whatever remains probably could be organized a lot better, so look around for a kit that lets you utilize the space in your fridge more efficiently.

Pack it Up!

It’s easy to take decorations out and put them all over your house, but packing them up and ensuring that each delicate, little ornament and decoration makes it safely into the next year can be a long, grueling process. Make sure you pack everything neatly and buy some cheap bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect anything fragile that could potentially break while being moved. There are so many options out there for easy-to-use, ergonomic containers that are specifically made for packing ornaments and holiday decorations. After you’ve finished packing everything up, save yourself some stress next year and take a little extra time to mark each container. If you have a container of just tree ornaments, write that clearly on the side. If a container is just Christmas lights, mark what it as such and note how many other boxes are filled with the same thing!

Bulk Pick-Up is Right Around the Corner!

It’s January… and you still haven’t thrown out your tree?! Bulk pick-up might be coming up for your neighborhood pretty soon, so don’t miss the opportunity and get stuck with it sitting in your front yard for even longer. We know how sensitive older Christmas trees can get, it seems like needles plague our homes for weeks on end after the holiday season has passed. After you move the tree out of your house, give your living room a good once over to make sure you didn’t miss any stray needles. If you have a bigger backyard and room for a fire pit, Christmas trees actually make amazing firewood. They dry out fast and burn quickly, so chopping up your tree and saving it for a colder night is always an option. Regardless of what you do with it, it’ll feel amazing to know that you live in a clean, clutter-free house once again!

Make the Move With E-Z Move

Whether you’re packing because the holidays are over, or because you’re getting ready to move… E-Z Move can be the helping hand you need. Call us at (520) 808-0347 or contact us online today to find out more.

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