Holidays are a lovely time to spend your time with family and friends, reminiscing, giving and receiving gifts, and eating meals. As you sit there and embrace all that you are thankful for – whether it is your health or wealth – take this time to think about those who may not be as fortunate as you.


The holiday season tends to be overwhelming for people who may not be able to provide gifts, food, or proper care for themselves or family members. Practice your selflessness and gratitude this year by donating your love, support, and possessions that you wouldn’t mind parting with to people who need it more than you think.

EZ Move is here to provide you with the best items that you can donate this year, along with where to donate them to.



While some people may be enjoying their second helpings of delicious holiday dinner, there are some people who are struggling to find a meal for the week. In 2016, over 40 million people lived in poverty. Today, about one in six people in America face hunger. Take time this holiday season to consider donating food items to shelters that are seeking help. Non-perishable food items, such as canned meats or granola bars, are a simple yet effective way to provide people with a sufficient meal for the holidays. Luckily, local organizations such as The Tucson Neighborhood Food Pantry and the Interfaith Community Services make it easy for anyone to donate food items all year around!



As you may receive new clothes for the holidays, consider donating some of your old, gently worn items to someone in need. Jackets, shoes, and pants are few of many essential items that can be put to great use. Especially during cooler seasons, many charities nationwide are seeking coats and garments that could be used for layering during the cooler days. Consider donating to The Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona.


Personal Hygiene Products

Keeping clean, especially during the holidays where sickness is more prevalent, is essential to our health. Although personal hygiene is important, it may not be the top priority for those who cannot afford related products. Commodities like shampoo, deodorant, tampons, and toothpaste are not always covered by government assistance programs. Even if you cannot afford to buy a big box of toothpaste, maybe create a basket of travel-size toiletries that can be beneficial for at least one person. These personal hygiene products do tend to be more expensive, so any donation can help.  



As much as they wish they could, some families, unfortunately, cannot provide toys and gifts to their children during the holidays. This can become challenging for those kids growing up who cannot experience gift-giving holidays the way that more fortunate kids can. No toy is too big or small for a kid to enjoy; anything a kid can play with is something that will bring a smile on his or her face. Consider donating stuffed animals, learning devices, puzzles, or dolls to organizations such as La Paloma Family Services.



Books are a great way to enrich the brain and get lost in another reality. This can be a beneficial donation to adults, troops, and developing children. Many hospitals, churches, local schools, and public libraries are always seeking textbooks, picture books, and novels to donate to those looking for a hobby or a tool dedicated to learning. Donate your gently used books to the Friends of the Pima County Public Library in Tucson, AZ.


Charities Accepting Donations

With minimal research, you can find dozens of charities and organizations, local or nationwide, that are always accepting donations. When donating, it is important to keep in mind that different organizations have different requirements, such as all donated items must be in good condition, with sealed labels and original packaging. Check in with different organizations to see if they will accept your donation. You can make a child, adult, or family’s day by using your power to act in the gift of giving. Here are a few of many local charities that are accepting donations:



EZ Move Will Transport Your Kind Donations

The professionals at EZ Move hope you take the time to consider donating to those in need this holiday season. Any donation will be appreciated amongst numerous families in need. If you have copious amounts of items to donate, contact the movers at EZ Move to get a free quote on your moving service today. Call us at 520-808-0347.


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