Learn how to have a safe and efficient move day during a heat wave. Call EZ Move at (520)808-0347 to learn more information.

    Moving day is already bound to be a long and tiresome day. Add in some above average temperatures and the day can seem even more daunting. Luckily, we have some expert tips to make sure you’re prepared for moving day in the event of a heat wave. These tips are great to keep in mind when it’s hot out so you can have the most efficient and best moving day possible.

    Four Tips When Moving During A Heat Wave

    1.) Stay Out of The Sun

    Moving all your belongings inside the moving truck may require frequent trips to and from the truck. It’s important not to spend too much time in the sun while the movers transport your belongings to not become fatigued from continuous exposure to the sun. Wearing a hat throughout the day is a great way to stay protected from the sun.

    2.) Keep Hydrated

    Make sure to have water available to everyone who is assisting with the move. It’s important to avoid dehydration for health reasons in addition to ensuring a timely move. It is also a great idea to remind everyone throughout the day to stay hydrated. With all of the physical lifting and walking, everyone is sure to be thirsty!

    3.) Don’t Rush

    It is important to not tire yourself out too quickly on moving day. Not only do you need to save your energy so you can make it the entire day, but you also want to move as efficiently as possible. Try not to be so focused on the time that you end up exhausted and unable to be fully present. It is ok to take periodic breaks to regain your energy and cool down- your movers will continue with the heavy lifting in the meantime!

    4.) Plan Ahead

    A key tip to keep in mind when moving during a hot summer day is to schedule the move in the morning. The earlier you can schedule the movers to arrive, the better. The highest temperatures of the day typically occur between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. EZ Move is happy to help accommodate your moving needs to help deliver excellent service and efficiency throughout the moving process.

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