It may seem like a good idea at first: Bribing your friends and family with pizza and cold drinks to help you move on a typical hot Tucson day. But on moving day, half your friends forget to show up, and the ones who do bang your furniture into walls, drop your boxes, injure their backs, and load the rental truck so poorly that things shift and cause damage while driving. Saving a few bucks sure seemed like a good idea, but now you’ll have to replace your dishes, repaint the chipped walls, cover your friend’s visit to the chiropractor, and pay a late return fee on your truck since you were short-handed and took longer than anticipated.

Here are six reasons why hiring a moving company in Tucson like E-Z Move would have been a better idea:

  1. Experience and Efficiency

Sure, you may have moved a few times in your life, but moving companies do this work every single day. Since it’s their full-time focus, they know how to do things the right way the first time. They’ll pack and load your belongings quickly and make the best use of the space in the truck.

  1. Reliability

Professional movers will show up at the scheduled time, with the contracted number of workers, and have a clear plan to ensure the move goes smoothly. You won’t need to sweat the details or sweat lifting boxes — that’s their job!

  1. Proper Equipment and Safety

From boxes and bubble wrap to hand tools and hand carts, movers know how to protect even your most fragile and expensive belongings. They also know how to maneuver corners and staircases and load items properly in the truck. This means your precious belongings get treated with first-class attention they deserve so they arrive in the same condition.

  1. Liability

When you hire professional movers to do the packing, your belongings are insured. So in the rare event damage is caused to these items, the moving company will provide some level of reimbursement.

  1. Native Knowledge

Local Tucson movers choose the shortest, fastest and safest routes to your final destination, factoring in construction, rush hour traffic patterns and even parking considerations to ensure everything goes smoothly door-to-door.

  1. Convenient Scheduling

Prefer to move on a Sunday? Early in the morning? A professional mover can work around your schedule (assuming you book in advance) to meet your requested timeline.

Have we convinced you yet? Contact us to get a free quote for your upcoming move, and get much needed help that you can count on.

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