Are you going to move soon but still don’t know where to start? Packing of boxes, administrative procedures discover our checklist to move in peace. An action plan must be put in place to avoid unpleasant surprises. In principle, you should have planned and anticipated the steps before arriving at the final stage of moving day. We’ve put together a list for you to move that ranks the previous steps up to the big day. Before you hire the moving company, Tucson, here are some suggestions for you to being prepared.

How to organize the day of the move?

We recommend that you prepare well for your move. Everything must be ready on moving day. Therefore, do not keep boxes or other items that you will not need that day. Indeed, you risk wasting time, and you will put yourself in a stressful situation for yourself and others, which is not advisable at this precise moment.

We also advise you to carefully store your belongings in the moving boxes you have purchased if you have chosen the standard or economic formula when entering your quote online. That is because if your boxes are damaged during transport, and this is due to your negligence, you will not be reimbursed by insurance.

Things to plan for 3 months before moving

In order not to be caught off guard, it is essential to take specific steps 3 months before D-Day. To begin with, whether you are an owner or a tenant, remember to submit your notice of departure. If you are a tenant, this can be done 1 month before in some cases. Subsequently, you will need to plan your home’s inventory with the real estate agency or your landlord. Also, be aware that professional movers quickly sell out at certain times of the year, especially during weekends and school holidays. It is, therefore, preferable to contact them in advance. If you have children, do not forget to contact schools to find out what to do. Choose the movers Tucson for the right hiring of the professional.

Start the administrative procedures 1 month before

In the weeks leading up to your move, start making the first boxes: don’t hesitate to give or throw away things that are “useless” to you. On each box, take the time to indicate the contents and the part of the housing for which it is intended. Then, remember to report your change of address to the various public (CPAM, Tax, etc.) and private (bank, mutual, insurance, etc.) services, as well as to your primary contacts. On the other hand, it is advisable to cancel your subscriptions (electricity, gas) and take out new ones in advance. Don’t forget to change your attending physician and Internet subscription, either. Finally, it may be wise to group in a binder all the documents and keys you will need during the move. 

The D-Day of the move: a flawless organization

On moving day, you will need to be in your new home to welcome the movers. It will also be necessary to validate the consignment note of the latter to avoid any inconvenience. If you are moving alone, consider distributing everyone’s roles well to facilitate organization. Before leaving your old home for good, don’t forget to read the energy meters. Once you have moved, you will still need to take specific essential steps: registration on the electoral rolls, updating your registration card in the month following your installation, etc. Don’t forget to ask for your moving allowance if you are entitled to it. Choosing movers near me is fruitful here.

Is your moving day approaching? Have you prepared it meticulously but are afraid that you have forgotten something? Here are some tips for organizing this critical moment in your life and making a success of this new start with confidence!

Moving: 4 tips for the big day 

Because a move is always a stressful step, it is better to prepare it well. Here are some smart tips to prepare your move and settle into your new home with peace of mind.

Build a good team of movers

The number of people required for a successful move is often underestimated, especially when there are many furniture and boxes to be moved from one place to another. The more arms you have to help you, the faster it will be achieved. A practical choice of the movers in Tucson, Arizona, is essential there.

Call on relatives beforehand to move.

Call on your loved ones to help you on your moving day. However, having an army available is useless without a good organization. Form teams, let everyone know exactly what to do; ideally, a specific room should be assigned to each group. Better to warn them early enough so that they don’t let you down on D-Day.

Call on moving professionals.

For more simplicity, you can use the services of a team of professionals, after having signed an estimate and a “consignment note” authorizing them to transport your goods. They will have a truck, which will be more practical (and ecological) than countless back and forth by car. Your loved ones can help you in other ways by looking after your children or pets so that you can concentrate 100% on the task at hand.

Plan your moving day well

The moving companies in Tucson, Arizona, has made it all arranged. If you only have one day, start in the morning to save time in the afternoon to deal with the inevitable. If you employ professional movers, avoid May-September’s summer period if possible, as this is the “moving season” when the rates are the highest. For the same reason, it is better to organize the day during the week: the prices are often lower.

Think of everything for your move

Do not forget to keep a first aid kit available in case of cuts or minor injuries, as well as a toolbox to be able to dismantle certain pieces of furniture or equipment. In the event of an incident with professional movers, having a camera available will be useful to estimate the damage.

Pack the essentials at the last minute for the move

As far-sighted as you may be, you’re bound to have to pack things up at the last minute and change your plans at the last minute. A typical example: you have stored your glasses in advance, but on D-day, you want to offer something to drink to your loved ones or to the movers. So you need additional packaging accessories to be able to store and secure at the last moment before leaving!

Likewise, you are going to need some crockery or bedding during the last days of your life in the accommodation (which you are leaving). Reserve an express box for these essentials. Do not scatter them in different boxes, at the risk of having to reopen them over the last hours on site. Don’t worry. The helping movers are there for the proper consultations.

Make a final inspection before moving.

Before leaving (definitively) from your accommodation, take a final tour to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Have the water, gas, and electricity been cut off? Have you read the meters? In any case, if you were a tenant of the house or the apartment, you will have to make an inventory of fixtures!

Moving day is a stressful day and requires an excellent organization to make sure everything goes as planned. How to be ready on D-Day to not forget anything, and how does this special day go with the local movers Tucson?

D-day essentials

A long day awaits you, especially if you have a large volume to move and several outbuildings. Therefore, we encourage you to keep a survival bag near you in which you can store anything you may need during the move.

What should a moving survival kit contain?

  • Your personal items that you will use during the day, such as your identity papers and your mobile phone.
  • Packaging material for goods to be stored at the last moment.
  • A first aid kit
  • A change of clothes
  • Disposable and recyclable crockery, if possible, including cutlery and cups, cardboard plates.

Everything you need to organize a meal, taking into account the people present. A thermos of coffee, sandwiches, cold ready meals, bottled water will be welcome, especially in summer, to avoid dehydrating you.

If you want to please the movers, you can keep drinks to offer them, such as beer, which they particularly like, especially in times of intense heat.

The ideal is to have a more simply available to keep your drinks and dishes cool because you will have defrosted your fridge the day before if you have followed the advice in our checklist.

On the other hand, remember to keep on-site what is necessary to clean the apartment, namely a broom, vacuum cleaner, and various cleaning products. Indeed, it is essential to foresee the possible inventory of fixtures of the exit with your former owner or the future purchaser. The long-distance moving companies are crucial there.

The day with the movers

First of all, we recommend that you set your alarm to get up early. In fact, the movers, first of all, transport everything that belongs to the field of bedding, such as the box spring or the mattress, to store them at the bottom of the truck. Thus, you should get up early so that these objects are available to them as soon as possible. Trusting the Tucson moving services for all these moving arrangements is a good option.

Last Words

From the start of the move, if there are items that should not be transported, and that you have kept aside, you should report this to the team leader and any other important point. Regarding objects or products that may constitute a danger, such as gas or petrol, or even weapons, the movers will probably not accept their transport because they are generally not covered by insurance. This is also the case for removing plants, so we advise you to inquire well when establishing the estimate. Be 100% available. Of course, if you have children, we recommend you have them looked after as much as possible and avoid any appointments at home, to be fully available that day.