Moving alone or with a professional? Choosing to undertake the many steps of a move alone requires a lot of organization. You may prefer to call on the experience of a professional mover. On the other hand, you wonder if this solution is more expensive. We give you the best advice to make your choice without stress. Choosing to move alone is indeed tempting in many ways. First of all, the first reason is economic. Indeed, we can think that doing this alone will lower the final bill of his move. Also, a solidarity move does not require compensation. Indeed, when moving with relatives’ help, it represents a system of mutual assistance at a lower cost.

But we must not forget the psychological side that accompanies the fact of organizing a move with loved ones. In fact, you are much less stressed in a move when you are surrounded by people you know well than by complete strangers, and when you know the stress of preparing for the move, that’s understandable.

We can imagine that moving on your own in a way allows you to have more freedom and fewer constraints, but it is not.

Why choose to move alone?

We will not deny it, choosing to move alone is tempting for several reasons:

Moving alone to move inexpensively

When you move alone, it is mainly to save money. In general, it is considered that a professional move is too expensive.

Then, when you can get help from family and friends, it’s already less stress. Indeed, we know that this solidarity move is disinterested, and therefore free.

Thus, choosing to move solo reduces the cost of moving, at least in appearance.

Moving alone? A matter of trust

On the one hand, leaving one’s home to move elsewhere is often a bad experience. Therefore, it will appear more friendly and more comfortable to live with if it can be done with friends or family. Indeed, the presence of strangers who besiege your home can quickly increase your stress if you are already anxious.

On the other hand, you may want to do without a professional’s services because you don’t know if your belongings will be safe or entirely only. After all, we did not have the time or inclination to learn more on the internet. Choosing the moving company Tucson would be adequate if you do not want any hazard for the moving.

What are the steps to move alone?

When you choose to move alone, you must prepare your move efficiently and be well organized. We will have to make a list of things to do so as not to forget anything:

  • Buy or procure moving boxes and packaging.
  • Buy or rent moving equipment: trolley, hand truck.
  • Rent a utility vehicle to transport your furniture. It is then necessary to count the rental price and the capacity of the car in m3.

Good to know: The volume calculator allows you to define the volume of your move precisely. This handy tool will be of great help to you when packing your boxes and filling the moving truck. Plan round trips, and if it is a long-distance move, the final cost may increase.

Disassemble and reassemble the furniture

  • Pack and transport your furniture and all its effects
  • Reserve a parking space at the town hall
  • Rent a furniture lift
  • Rent a storage unit

Moving alone: ​​is it the best solution?

In addition to all the administrative formalities that accompany a move, all these procedures will be added. On the other hand, you will not have to accomplish them if you move with a professional’s help.

At the end of the day, wanting to move alone requires more work than a professional move. Thus, choosing to move independently has advantages but also many disadvantages.

Why choose to move with a professional?

Thanks to tailor-made packages, professionals like the movers Tucson can offer you a turnkey and inexpensive move. On the other hand, by using a professional company, you benefit from a secure move for your goods. Besides, you benefit from guarantees that you will not have when moving on your own.

The professional mover adapts to your budget.

Moving companies have had to cope with the growing supply of removals in recent years. Yes, the Americans move a lot, whether for their work, their studies, or changing their lives. In addition, the cost of living in some departments partly explains the many moves to change the region.

That’s why organizing a cheap move has become a priority. Also, the movers respect your budget, offering you a maximum of services to facilitate your move. You can now simply search by ‘movers near me’ and find the best results for the same.

How to carry out an economical move with a professional?

In order to compete with individuals moving and increase their clientele, the movers have developed different formulas. They concern all budgets. The economical procedure allows the mover to deal only with the loading and unloading of the furniture. For his part, the customer packs his supplies himself. This low-cost formula will enable you to reduce your moving costs significantly. One of the advantages of this package is to be able to move no longer solo, but semi-pro.

Choose groupage to move inexpensively.

Another economic formula should also appeal to you. This is groupage. This is an advantageous technique since it allows the movers to consolidate several moves into a single truck. The purpose of this method is to fill in uneconomic empty spaces. Your move will, therefore, be more economical since you will benefit from a bundled rate. Such options are available in the services of the movers in Tucson, Arizona.

How to avoid the stress of moving thanks to a professional?

Today, moving companies in Tucson, Arizona, offer their clients additional and attractive services at a lower cost. In fact, they range from the supply of cardboard boxes to the rental of furniture storage or furniture lifting. Thus, thanks to a professional’s choice, you benefit from a low-cost move, practical and economical at the same time.

In addition, the professional mover has all the appropriate equipment to move your belongings safely. Also, you will avoid injuring yourself through repeated and dangerous physical exertion.

Thus, you kill two birds with one stone by choosing the various services of a professional. You treat yourself to an all-inclusive move without going through several different companies. On the other hand, you will not have to accomplish these tedious steps alone. Besides, you will benefit from moving specialists’ expertise, especially if you have fragile items to transport. You save twice in time and money.

In addition, a moving professional can make a technical visit to your home to assess the volume of your move. This is also the time to agree on the details of your future move.

Now you know the pros and cons. It’s up to you to choose between the risks of moving alone or the experience of a professional.

Indeed, moves have increased considerably over the years. This is explained by the growing number of divorces, followed by the resurgence of blended families. The budget for the move has remained the same, despite this social phenomenon. As a result, helping movers have had to adapt their offers to changes in behavior.

How to save money with a professional move?

Moving alone or with professionals. Thus, to cope with solidarity and individual moves, the movers have developed various formulas to suit all budgets. Among these packages, the economic formula appears to be the most advantageous. Indeed, the mover loads and unloads the furniture while the client packs his own things independently. By choosing this economic formula, you will reduce the bill.

With the help of long-distance moving companies, you can carry out your move semi-individually, which can avoid physical injuries related to the many physical manipulations.

Bulking is another right solution.

Moreover, bulking is a technique that has a double advantage. On the one hand, it allows movers to combine several customer moves in a single truck and, at the same time, to fill empty spaces so that they become profitable. On the other hand, you are also a winner, since by benefiting from a bundled rate, you make an economical move.

Conclusion: Take the Decision

Finally, you opt for the least risky solution by choosing to call on local professional movers Tucson. So, we invite you to enter your quote online. You will be able to compare several moving quotes with complete peace of mind, thanks to our mover’s comparator. To leave your home in the best possible conditions, it is best to anticipate all the steps to determine whether it is worth the cost of moving alone or with professionals.

Is your decision made? Have you chosen to move with a professional? All you have to do is complete your moving quote online and let’s go. The Tucson moving services would be a wise choice in this case. To allow you to compare the proposed offers and calculate how much a move costs, we suggest that you receive several moving quotes online, thanks to our mover’s comparator. You choose.