If you are planning your move, make sure you choose the right moving company. The last thing you want to happen is to have hidden fee surprises or a lack of qualified elements to make your move. Keep in mind these tips that encompass some relevant values:

Ask your friends

Tell your co-workers, neighbors, in your circle of friends that you are looking for a moving company that is not too expensive and that is trustworthy. The best advertising comes from word of mouth. There is nothing like the opinion of someone who has had the experience.

Review the qualifications

See the website of the moving company in question, what qualifications do they have? Do you have a permit? Search online forums and social networks for reviews and comments about the moving company Tucson.

Analyze the price estimate

Review the total price estimate two or more times. Make sure you’re paying for what you’re getting. If you are paying for insurance, be sure what insurance covers – the more questions you ask, the better!

Compare moving companies

See several movers Tucson companies in a way and identify which is ideal. Take into account whether the moving company is certified or not (if it has a permit), the values, the trust they transmit over the phone, as well as the photos they make available on the website. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

It is necessary to read all the reviews, answer your doubts with the person in charge of the company, do a lot of research so that the transport service of your move is done as agreed, with responsibility. Choosing a confident company is not that easy. The moving market is complicated. You can search by movers near me and get the results right there.

See Tips For Not Making Mistakes When Choosing A Moving Company

Please do not ask for a quote by phone: It is challenging for you to have the right quote by phone. Request a visit from a company representative at your home, so that he can see what will be transported. If your change happens to be small, it is possible that you can get a correct quote over the phone, but even so, the visit of the representative is essential. And if you are moving to a more distant place and the moving company is 50 miles from your home, the representative will have to pay a visit to make the assessment.

Observe the price, and not choose the one that offers you the lowermost price

One of the most significant errors made by clienteles is that a business that can offer you a 25% value to 40% cheaper than the others? If you consider everything you will spend, you will see that it does not pay because you run a high peril of having to pay additional fees that will make the price that was more affordable before became more expensive than that of other companies. The movers in Tucson, Arizona, can ensure your change until you receive the full amount.

Do not request quotes from different companies.

Do not accept quotes without an inspection of your home, and that only ask for information from other companies. The only way to get a correct assessment of the value of your move is to request quotes from different companies, but only after inspection.

Have a signed budget:

Do not let any business initiate the change without the agreement being signed and have an account of the services and the amount to be paid. If you are not following the budget, do not sign.

Look for a business that has insurance and license:

The moving companies in Tucson, Arizona, must have a license to perform its service. If you are moving to another state, visit the website to check whether the chosen company has insurance or not. You will also have access to the company’s complaints history. 

Provide necessary information for the company:

Your apartment happens to be on the 4th floor and does not have any elevator. This is an example of some problems that can be solved, the more they can do with your move, it becomes more expensive, and if not informed the responsible company you will receive an additional charge.

Do not choose the high season period to change:

In the summer, helping movers companies that provide a good service are very requested. So we advise that the ideal is always to plan your move in advance. The best time to get better prices is during the winter and every second and third week of the month. Avoid changing at the beginning of the month, when rental contracts start and end.

It is neither easier nor cheaper to make your own move:

Packing the objects correctly, loading and accommodating your goods safely in the truck, and driving to your new home, may not be so easy. This process may take a while and be even more lavish than if you had hired local movers Tucson.

Always have a budget in hand:

If you are moving from a huge house or are going to a very distant place, it will probably have very high costs. So make sure these costs are within your budget.

Do not be in any doubt about the insurance options:

Some accidents can occur during your move, and maximum time the objects will not be covered by the insurances. Therefore, be sure of the insurance choice!

Questions To Ask The Company:

Always have the necessary information about the long-distance moving companies such as an address, the number of employees that the company has if it makes any associations, etc. 

Always notice how the company treats you, if it answers all your questions, and shows interest in closing a deal. After you have selected three to four companies, request that one visit your home. They will do a survey of what you will want to send and what services you will need to present a budget based on this information.

This home inspection is the only way you will receive an accurate quote on how much your move will cost.

How long have you been doing moving budgets?

You need a person who already has experience in this area. Ask the salesperson about your professional experience, if he has worked as a driver or if he worked in another area of ​​the change process, before making quotes. The more experience he has, the more certainty you will have in receiving a correct quote. Salespeople are known to like to talk. If they don’t want to comment on their experience, that’s not a good sign.

How long has the company been in the market?

Suppose the moving company has been in this business for about 10 years. In that case, it usually means that they are working correctly and that they are providing an excellent service to their customers’ indicators about the company.

How are the company’s price list and conditions?

You can learn to know the representative and the company better, discovering how much he knows about the market. And to what extent he is willing to explain the pricing options to effect his move. If he doesn’t give you a lot of details or doesn’t seem to understand much about the pricing options that are right for you, stay tuned.

What is the delivery time for the change?

You need to get a realistic answer. For long-distance changes, it can be challenging to determine the exact day. Most companies can set a delivery period of a few days. Stay tuned for proposals that offer a very short deadline. It may be too good to be true.

Does the company you are evaluating serve other companies?

Many people ask for references from third parties. But, honestly, which company will refer a person who did not like the services provided? However, if the company frequently provides services for a specific business, it means a loyalty relationship for quality services.

How would the company act if it had to transport a family heirloom or a large and heavy object, such as a piano? How are these objects changed?

This is another way of testing the representative’s knowledge and how it will be treated. If he gives you an analyzed and complete answer, there is a good chance that you will be facing the Tucson moving services that will provide you with attention and take care of your objects.

The last question is for you who will move: is the representative saying what you want to hear? Think about it?

To know this requires an ability to read body language. You probably won’t want to work with a person who disagrees with everything you say. If he suggests something other than what you’re thinking, see if what he’s saying makes sense. If so, this is a sign that the representative is looking after your interests.


After you know the companies you have hired, make the comparison. Don’t let price be the determining factor for your choice. In fact, the low price may indicate that something may be missing from the quote or indicate that additional costs will come later. It is also essential to keep in touch after the survey.