Deciding what to pack and what to leave behind when preparing to move can be incredibly stressful… maybe one of the most difficult parts of moving! Moving can give you a chance to start over with a clean slate… but if you bring everything but the bathroom sink then you’re never going to take advantage of that opportunity!

First Things First… the Closet!

Before filling half of your moving truck with clothing, sort through your closet and decide what’s really worthwhile. Is there anything in there that you have worn in years, or a pair of jeans that you weren’t able to fit into since college? Cut the cord already! Additionally, think about the location of your new home: what’s the weather like? If you live in a warmer area but now you’re moving somewhere where it snows every year, perhaps consider selling some of your summer clothing and use the money to buy some sweaters and jackets – you won’t need 365 days worth of summer outfits, and the extra money can help you buy a winter wardrobe. On the flip side, if you live somewhere cold and are moving somewhere that never drops below 60 degrees, you may want to get rid of 90% of your winter clothes – keep a sweater or two for those sparse cold days and a jacket for when you visit your friends back home… but you definitely won’t need to bring six months worth of seasonal clothing that’s just going to take up space in your closet!

The Big Stuff… Furniture

Deciding what furniture to bring and what to sell can be a bit more work. The first thing you need to consider is sentimental value: you may never use that small coffee table, but if it once belonged to your grandmother, you might end up wanting to bring it with you. Beyond that, what if the cost of buying a new couch once you arrive at your new home is less money and less work than moving that raggedy old one your roommate left behind? If you’re not super attached to everything (and you can afford it), use moving as a chance to remodel!

Garage Junk

If it’s been sitting in your garage for years unnoticed, it’s probably safe to say that you can get rid of it. Obviously, some sentimental or otherwise valuable items may be an exception, but always make sure to sort through your garage before putting all of its contents on your moving truck.

Bathroom Items

Chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of junk in your bathroom over the years… Old shampoo bottles, fancy soaps from Secret Santa (that you know you’re not going to use), old travel containers, and a world of nonsense. Go through what you have and be realistic about what you need to bring with you! There’s no reason to bring a mess of things that you don’t use, don’t need, or don’t care about into your new home!


Go through all of your bedding, blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses, and towels. First, throw out anything with holes or stains. Then go through everything else and decide what is worth bringing – that mattress in the guest bedroom that is worn down from years of use may not be the best candidate to bring with you, but the brand new Tempurpedic mattress in your bedroom is worth the trip.

Need Help Moving?

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