Is your family gearing up for a big move? Are you worried about handling everything and looking after your children as well? E-Z Move can handle all the heavy lifting so you can watch over your children, stress-free!

    Moving day is around the corner, and you’re probably worried about how to manage getting in and unpacked while taking care of your kids. Don’t feel scattered or anxious! Finding time to pack, knowing what to pack, and saying goodbye to family and friends are some of the challenges that parents face. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, read these tips to make your move a little easier.

    Prepare Early

    Prepare early, and not just for your move, but for your kids too. Of course, you will want to give yourself more time to pack because of the kids, but moving can be stressful for young children. Preparing early includes talking to your children ahead of time because communication is key. Your children will have a much easier time if you involve them in the process and let them know that you’re all going to be moving, and trying to make it an exciting adventure instead of a scary new change. It’s important to listen to their concerns! Try and communicate with them and be there to reassure that, even though this is a big change, it’s going to be good for them and that they’ll adjust in no time.

    Get Some Help

    Help can come in a variety of forms. Have someone watch your kids. Take them to a relative or call their favorite babysitter – you’ll get a lot more done if you have time to pack without interruptions from your kids. Another option to consider is taking time off of work, so you can pack while your child is at school or daycare.

    Have your kids be a contribution if they are old enough. Getting them involved in the process will ease your workload. You can turn packing into a game. Try giving your child an award or treat for each box they pack. If you have two or more kids, make it a competition. See who can pack their room faster or who can pack the most boxes. Again, try using rewards as an incentive to pack.

    Find friends to help – the more hands, the better. Be prepared with materials, instructions, and a nice meal to reward all their hard work.

    Maintain Relationships and Make New Ones

    If your move takes you to a location where visiting friends and family will be difficult, you’ll need to find a way to let your children say goodbye to and stay in contact with loved ones. It might help to have a goodbye party for your family and friends. There are a ton of options that make staying connected a piece of cake. Social Media, with parental supervision of course, is a great way to stay connected with those they will leave behind. Video calling is available everywhere, and kids can use it to show grandparents their new dance routine or karate moves.

    Encouraging your children to make new friends is crucial in making the move an easy one. Having peers to play with and talk to will help kids adjust to their new surroundings. Role-playing with children works to boost social skills and emotional intelligence. Try giving your child a script like: “Hi, my name is Jamie. My family just moved here.” Arrange playdates at home – your kids might feel more comfortable playing with their new friends at home first.

    Pack Important Items Last

    If there are certain toys or items of clothing that your child cannot be without, pack a special bag to keep these items. That way, your child will be able to find them easily. Not only will it ease their mind, but it will also save you the frustration of re-opened boxes!

    Moving is a good time to go through old, broken toys or ones that your kids don’t play with anymore. Ask yourself, “Does my child still play with this?” You might find that getting rid of toys will bring some harmony to your home. Use websites like Craigslist or apps like Letgo to sell some of their old items. Be careful about getting rid of toys; your kids might be attached! If you can, try to remove these items when the kids are sleeping or away from home.

    We’ll Move Your Family Like They’re Our Own

    EZ Move is committed to making your family’s move as seamless and stress-free as possible. Wherever your move takes you, let us treat you like family. Call us today at (520) 808-0347 or contact us online for the very best moving experience in Tuscon!

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