Moving to a new place is always exciting, even when it’s just from one state to another. Each of our fifty states (and 16 territories!) has its unique quirks and features. In this post, we cover what you should consider before making a long distance move to Arizona.
As you prepare to pack and move to your new Arizona home, here’s five important factors to consider.

What to Expect When Moving to Arizona

Arizona is a hot state, with high temperatures for most of the year, but it also has great opportunities for day trips to some of the country’s most beautiful natural features like the Grand Canyon. Most residents go out primarily at night. It comes in 25th in cost of living, but 32nd in quality of life.

1. It’s Not all Desert

While Arizona is rightfully known for its expansive and scenic deserts, those primarily dominate the southern portion of the state. In its northern half, Arizona’s arid environment is tempered by forests of pine and fir. Arizona also contains the San Francisco Mountains which regularly see snow.

2. It Doesn’t Have Daylight Savings

Along with Hawaii, Arizona is one of the only two states not to have daylights savings. Because of the heat during the day, most residents don’t start nighttime activities until the sun’s gone down, and losing an hour of that time to daylight savings is an unpopular idea. Though adopting daylight savings has been voted on a several times, Arizonians aren’t likely to switch anytime soon.

3. It Has a Long History

Arizona is one of the states most steeped in the history of the wild west, only gaining statehood in 1912. Back in the day Arizona saw its share of cowboys and gunslingers and was even the sight of the famous O.K. Corral gunfight. Many old towns still stand where they did a hundred years ago, making Arizona perfect for those with a love of the old west.

4. It Has Some of the Best Wines

Arizona is one of the best places for those with a taste fine wine. The whole state is filled with tours of top quality wineries, such as the Sedona Wine Adventures. Taste the finest wines from the best Arizona wineries, all in one state.

5. It’s Has Rattlesnakes

Of all the types of rattlesnakes, Arizona has the most of any state at 13. But only about 150 people are bitten each year. Still, watch your step.

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