The first night spent at your new home is always exciting: you get to start fresh and adjust to a whole new environment! However, it’s the unfamiliarity of it all that can leave you feeling anxious about the packing and moving process.
When it comes to making a local or long distance residential move, fear not. Ease those first night jitters by following these basic packing tips from the E-Z Move team:

The Basics

Make sure to have all your bedding needs such as sheets, pillowcases, and blankets cleaned and set aside until you assemble your bed frame.
Cleaning products should be readily available in case of any spills, or if you’d like to ensure the cleanliness of your new bathroom(s).
Trash bags should also be available as you’ll likely have garbage or find things that may need to be thrown out.
Keep a pen/paper close by to jot down any numbers or relevant information such as names, codes, directions, etc.
A duffle bag with clothes enough for a couple of days will be helpful so you can avoid having to rummage through each box trying to find your work or gym attire.

In Case of Emergency

A first-aid kit is always necessary to keep close by in case of any accidents such as cuts, scrapes, or blisters caused by the packing and moving process.
Stock up on necessary medication and properly dispose of any expired medicine.
Have a flashlight ready if your lights aren’t working or if you lose power during your move.
A toolkit is always handy to have for your assembling of furniture or if a screw needs to be tightened.


You will more than likely have take-out during your first night, so it’s best to pull up some menus that your family can look over ahead of time.
Paper plates and plastic ware will be helpful for the first couple of nights as you’ll be too tired to think about having to wash and organize any of your dishes.


You’ll want to keep the toilet paper and other hygiene products such as soap, shampoos, toothpaste, etc. in one of the first bags you bring into your new home as you’ll be using these items almost right away.
Have a shower curtain (if needed) and towels also available in your bag so it’s all set-up for the night.


When moving with pets, make sure to have all their necessities kept away closely as well. Pet food, medications, blankets, bedding, and favorite toys are some of the most common things you’ll need to keep your pet also feeling comfortable in its new home.

Moving to a New Home in Tucson, AZ? We Can Help!

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