For those of us with a green thumb, the hardest part about moving is saying goodbye to many of your best plant friends.

Many are too big to uproot, and those that aren’t can still die off once your reach your new homes because of the trauma they’ve faced on the journey. But fear not.

This month, E-Z Move gathered the four best tips for protect plants while moving.

1. Keep Their Climate Controlled

In nature, a plant spends all its life in a single location, with only gradual changes in light quality and temperature. This makes any kind of change in environment for a potted plant disconcerting and even traumatic.

To lessen the impact of moving, take any potted plants you have and place them in the back seat of the car you’ll be driving. While it might be easier to load them into the trunk, the back seat allows them some access to sunlight, and more importantly keeps the temperature within reasonable limits.

Under no circumstances should a plant ever be placed in a moving van or truck.

2. Switch Their Pots from Ceramic to Plastic

This needs to be done a few weeks before moving to give your plants a chance to resettle and acclimate. The size of the new pot should typically be the same size as the old plant to minimize any kind root trauma, and be careful to water the plant thoroughly once it’s been repotted.

Plastic pots are far less prone to cracking and shattering than ceramic ones, and are also much lighter. These two aspects combined make the work of repotting a plant well worth when moving day comes.

3. Pack Them Correctly

The best method for transporting plants from your old home to your new is to leave them open to the air, but often that isn’t possible. And when it comes to packing plants, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Wrap a sheet or saran wrap around the plant to protect its leaves and branches from damage. Center the pot in the middle of the box, and wedge it in place with rolled up towels or packing material so that it won’t fall over in transit.

Finally, poke air holes in the box so the plant can breathe freely, and clearly mark which side is up so that the box isn’t accidently placed on its side or upside down when it’s being loaded.

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