moving boxesIn the hustle and bustle of a move, it can be hard to keep track of small household items.

Keys get left behind, wires get stuck at the bottom of moving boxes, and important receipts or notes fall can sometimes through the cracks. When you finally start to unpack you quickly realize that the first casualty of any move are the smallest items.

This month, we gathered a few quick tips to help with the packing and moving process. Check it out:

Use Sandwich Bags

The simplest trick to avoid losing something that’s small? Make it bigger.

When you pack lay aside all the small items you’re afraid are going to be lost. When they’ve piled up, sort and seal them into sandwich bags. Grouped together they’re less likely to be lost than individually.

As a bonus, sandwich bags are largely see-through, making it easier for the items sealed inside to be found in a hurry if they’re needed.

Wrap and Label Cords

Electronic cords are such a headache they’re worth their own special section.

Cord frustration springs from two sources: accidental knotting and not having the one that matches the device you have. They’re both easy to fix.

First, make the effort to wrap your cords neatly when first packing them. There are plenty of online guides for tying knots, but a simple and effective technique is to loop a cord five or six times, based on its length, and then close it with an overhand knot.

To create a label of which device the cord belongs to, simply double tape over the end the cord so it sticks to itself. On the non-sticky side, use a pen or sharpie to write the name of its corresponding device.

moving boxesTake Inventory

By far the best way to avoid losing things in a move is to make a list of everything you pack as you pack it.

One method is to take inventory of your belongings by box. Label each of your boxes with a number, then write on a list everything that goes into them. Once you’ve moved you don’t have to rely on memory or digging vainly through boxes when you need something: pull out the list, find the name of what you’re looking for, and track it down to the corresponding box.

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