Moving can be a very emotional and sentimental time in peoples’ lives—you have to go through all of your things and decide what is “worth” keeping and what you should probably toss or donate. Not only are you parting with your home, but you’re parting with certain sentimental and nostalgic items as well. To make thing a bit easier to sort through, these are the top three items that you should not pack when moving.

1. Potentially dangerous goods—This could be anything flammable, anything with toxic fumes like paint thinner, loaded weapons, weed killer, etc. The good rule of thumb is if you think that you might not be able to bring it onto an airplane, you should contact your moving company and see if they’ll take it. If the answer is no, you could take it with you in your own car, call your local recycling company to take it off of your hands, or you can call the closest Environmental Protection Agency to find out how you can safely rid yourself of these items.

2. Perishable items—These items aren’t necessarily dangerous, but it could definitely get messy. If you’re moving locally, you could take your perishable items in your car with you, such as eggs, milk, and fresh produce. If this is a longer distance move, try and use up what you can before you move by avoiding the supermarket as much as you can. Don’t bring any new items into your home unless you absolutely must—like the milk for your morning coffee.

Unfortunately, everything that isn’t used, you have to toss. Plants can also be considered a perishable and we have laid out exactly how to pack these plants for a move in this (link to plants article) article. If the plant is finicky with climates, it’s best to give to a friend or family member.

3. Valuable items—This doesn’t necessarily mean high monetary value, but high personal value. Keep the items most important to you on your person to avoid any accidents. While we do treat your belongings as our own, accidents do happen and car rides could get bumpy. If it’s something you would want your eyes on at all times, it’s best to keep it in your own car. These items could be anything from legal documents to photographs to jewelry.
Every moving company has different rules and regulations for what they will and will not carry, so it’s best to call and see what specific rules they have for moving your items. Call us today at (520) 808-0347 or visit our website at We will get you and your possessions to your new location safe, sound, and stress-free.

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