When you’re moving into a new home, everything gets put in its proper box, you reach out to a professional moving company, and you’re on your way, but what about your plants? From Fiddleleaf Figs to Snake Plants, you haven’t put effort into keeping these things alive just for them to wither away during a move. For a successful move that keeps your plants alive and well, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow.

For starters, if you are moving out-of-state, make sure to check the laws for transporting plants into that area. Most states allow potted plants to transfer across state lines, but some agricultural-heavy states don’t want to risk bringing in pests or diseases. Additionally, you’ll want to check the climate and growing conditions that your plant needs. For example, if you live in a tropical area and are moving to an area that experiences winter, you might want to sell or donate your plant to save it from damaging weather conditions.

First, have a box, newspaper, and large plastic bag ready. Take your plastic bag and cover the plant, tying it at the base, so the soil stays in place. Take the bottom of the box and make sure that it is taped securely, place the plant into the box, and fill the space with newspaper so that the plant can’t move around. Finally, poke some holes into the plastic bag to provide airflow and label it, “Fragile” and “Live Plant.”

Once you have your plants all prepped and ready for the move, there are three options for getting it from one place to another: take them with you in your car, air transport for smaller plants, or send through a parcel service like FedEx, USPS, and UPS. If you can, the car is probably your safest bet because it will have ample airflow and have the ability to get out of the car if you stop at a hotel.

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