Summer is the busiest season for moving, and, if you are planning on doing so, there are reasons why it’s not a bad idea to call Tucson movers as soon as possible. Tucson Movers shares the reasons why the summer season is the best time for moving and why it isn’t.

Why it’s a good time to move: Home-selling season peaks in the summer, which means it’s a good time to sell your home. Increased demand for homes also means your abode is likely to sell for more during these months. Given that school-age children are also on their summer break, families will benefit from moving in the summertime. After all, disrupting the school year with a major move can be quite a difficult task for all involved. Longer days are another reason why moving in the summer is a great choice. More hours in the day means more time to move in and out of a home, giving you more flexibility with a do-it-yourself move.

Weather is great

The most obvious reason why you should be moving during summer is the weather. 

Obviously, all of us would do everything we can to make sure that all of our items survive the move intact and arrive in our homes in one piece. With this in mind, moving in summer is perfect.

Regardless of where you live, we can say that the rain is going to be scarce. Sleet, snow, and ice are things that are out of the question. So, in regards to the safety of your belongings, moving in summer is the best thing that you can do.

The day is longer

Time plays an important part in moving. The more time you have on your hands, the easier will your relocation be. For this reason, summers are great for moving. This is part of the year when days are the longest. So, whatever you need to do in order to move and no matter how much distance you need to cover, you are going to have enough time to get it all over with.

Your existing house will sell faster

If you still need to sell your house, remember that summer is when the property market is at its strongest, increasing the likelihood of a fast sale. Having your house on the market for months and months without a bite can be very disheartening and delay your moving plans. However, during summer your property looks its best. Grass is green, colors are brighter in the sun and most homes (if you have paid attention to maintenance) have great curb appeal. Also, a greater number of buyers are likely to come out to view your property if the weather is good.

Why it’s not a good time to move: The main reason why many choose not to move in the summer is the high price tag. With roughly 70 percent of all moves taking place from Memorial Day to Labor Day, moving company rates tend to be at their highest during this time frame. In addition, if you hire movers to handle your long distance move, it may take longer to get your things. Why? Interstate moving trucks can hold multiple households in their truck at one time. The more people moving, the more stops and deliveries they’ll need to make – which mean it may take longer for them to reach your new home. Hot and humid weather conditions are a final reason why moving during the summer is not ideal for all. If you live in a particularly hot area of the country (think: Florida and Texas), you may want to choose a cooler time of the year to move.

Ultimately, this decision comes down to your own needs, budget and preferences. Those trying to save money on a move should choose a late fall, winter or early spring move. Those with school-age children should consider opting for a summertime move. Those who strongly prefer to move in mild weather conditions may want to move during the fall or spring.

Regardless of the season, you’ll likely save money on your move by choosing a mid-week, mid-month date. Demand for these dates tends to be less than weekend dates at the beginning and end of the month. Why? Leases usually begin and end on the first and last weekends of the month. With more people choosing to move during these weekends, you’re better off opting for a week day or weekend move in the middle of the month

Summer may be a busy season for movers, but there are fewer chances of delays due to weather. Despite the summer heat, moving won’t likely be as stressful.

Moving services are going to be buried in work

The first reason why you should reconsider moving in summer is the sheer fact that movers in Tucson are going to have a really high load of moving requests. This means that you may have issues hiring the movers who would be your first choice. Instead, you may need to come up with a list of moving companies that you would like to hire and hope that one of them is available for your dates. Obviously, if you get in touch with them more then a month in advance, most usually you would get to hire your first choice.

Renting Full packing and moving services is expensive

So keep in mind that, when searching for a moving service in the summer, you will have a great competition. And if your relocation isn’t time-sensitive, plan your move for late fall and winter months – the rent is lower, movers are not as busy and more likely to give you a better deal or/and better time slot since a lot of renters prefer not to move during holidays. 

In conclusion: The moving industry is very seasonal. Winter is the time when there are the fewest moves taking place. Therefore, the prices go as far down as possible. However, when moving during the summer, you should expect the moving rates to go up significantly. Simply, the demand is so high that it is inevitable that the prices will rise.