Moving is a daunting job that not many people find very pleasant or easy to undergo. However, when given the proper resources and tools, it makes for a more seamless process.
From different kinds of useful tape to carry-on items for your trip, we’ve compiled a checklist of helpful must-have supplies to make your move easier.


Grab various sizes of boxes from extra-large to small. You can find these at UPS stores or thrown out behind some convenient stores. If you do go this route, make sure that they are not torn or worn-out with water/animal debris. Professional-quality boxes from moving companies already come appropriately sized and ready-to-use.


These are great to use in addition to boxes for those items you plan to put in storage when you move. They can also be recycled for several different organizational purposes.


Be sure to stock up on this item as you’ll be using it in large quantities to secure your boxes. You will need shipping tape for sealing boxes and masking tape for labeling. Duct tape can also be used for closing boxes, but just keep in mind shipping tape is more rigid and resistant to peeling or stretching off the seams.

moving-boxes-packingPacking Material:

Bubble wrap and foam wrap work best to protect items from breakage. You may use newspaper — however, it tends to be less efficient in protecting and is susceptible to staining your possessions with its tint.

Colored Markers or Stickers:

Different colored sharpies might work best for labeling since they are less prone to smudging off. You may also use colored stickers for coordinating rooms. Learn more on how to label like a pro here.

Handy Tools:

Hammers, screwdrivers (electrical, if possible), scissors, box cutters, and wrenches are all going to be incredibly beneficial when assembling and disassembling your furniture/boxes.


Keep your hands safe from cuts, scratches, and blisters while lifting boxes/furniture.

furniture padding and blanketsFurniture Pads/Blankets:

It’s important to have felt pads for moving furniture across floors to avoid scratches or dents on both ends. Use blankets to cover items that could damage when in contact with one another such as mirrors, televisions, etc.


When renting a moving truck, make sure to include a dolly that can accommodate your boxes and furniture. It will be far more effortless than using all of your own strength to do heavy-lifting. Ropes and bungee cords would also be useful to make sure everything stays in place en route to your new home.

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